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    Saturday, September 30, 2006


    i actually just realized that my week has been a whole lot better then alot of other people from church today.. example, samantha is now violin teacher-less and yi lyn might be moving to aussie at the end of the year!!!! i was like, whoooaaaa... then nicole came in black-faced (i do NOT know why) and timothy was so quiet which is like so unusual!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello, what is going on here?!?!

    anyway.. we joined cells with the 17 year olds and played ''guesstures''! it was so fun, especially when jason did the last act, which was supposed to be ''sexy'' and he did a pamela anderson act which was absolutely hilarious!!!!! hahahaha.... khye shin went first and did the first act, which i thought was brilliant!

    i'm pretty sad that yi lyn is going though. i mean, she may not even stay for christmas!! AND i've known her since i was six!!!!!!!!! AND we've all teased her for being the most flexible person in class!! if she goes, who would we tease?!?!!? it so would not be the same. and then if she goes before december she won't even be able to go for dbd! omg... this is disastrous..

    i must definitely get the gang together to organize something for her if she leaves.i must! IT WAS WRITTEN.


    Sammy said...


    most people had a bad week.. all healing though...

    glad you had a good week:)


    Philip said...