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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    101st post!

    *throws streamers and confetti in the air*

    dear blog,

    thank joo for putting up with my ramblings. yes. i shall now write the stuff that anysa and i make up in class.


    uhh. thats it so far. XD maybe i should call you fippo.

    dear fippo....

    nono. i want to name my next pet fippo. if i get a clothing line, i will call it squeebo. speedo will probably sue me. :P thats how squeebo came about though. we were practising writing upside down and speedo came out as sqeebo. you try! XDthen we added the 'u'. :P

    i am a procrastinator. yes.
    the only reason i want to watch transformers is for shia lebeouf. i confess. *shields self from throngs of angry boys*
    anysa's puppies are adorable! they look like little old people. i like ice!
    i had ice cream just now. :D
    yes i laugh with my mother. you gots a problem wiz that, homey? XD i wanted to do that.
    inessa, ben, isaac and scott won't let me read neil gaiman books. but i've been sneaking peeks into the kindly ones. i only managed half. then i asked scott if i could read the rest and he said no. :(

    i sleepy now. i have tuition at 8am tomorrow.

    oh yah. shammie, you WILL belanja me one starbucks muffin(banana and chocolate chip muffin, if you please.) and a movie ticket. mua ha ha! i'll buy my own popcorn, thanks very muchos. ^^

    toodles! *oodles of canoodles*

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    dot dash dot

    i don't think i'll ever be able to write posts like how all you canggih-fied people out there. big spaces and all. weird! i try, but it doesn't end up looking as good as the way you guys do it. o.o a mystery of blogging.

    the grim adventures of billie and mandy. yay!

    i got bored, okay. i like how my hair does that curvy thingy. :D

    i know, i know. retarded poser pic. again, i was bored. on the way to ushering during the last resonate. did you know, the next one is on my birthday? *hint hint*

    i drew that on school. it looks like crap here but its actually really pretty. >:D

    the hitchhiker on my mother's car window. cool! XD

    i got my hair cut yesterday. before i went in john said,"come let me chop off your hair now!"

    he wasn't kidding.

    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    fairytales don't always have a happy ending. -fergie

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    lives and souls?

    this past week was hectic. literature night is tonight, inessa's acting in it. i went to the matinee today, it was pretty okay. tuesday we got called down to the hall and sandiya scolded because we weren't actually there at all. heh heh heh. so anyway, we painted the medusa backdrop (i shaded rocks. yay me! hey! they look AWESOME, okayy.). then today i painted the faces of freaks and curled hair with inessa. painting faces was coool. :P okay, okay, so i only did one face. FINE i only painted her eye sockets. but it looked good! O.O okay. but i take credit for curling whats-her-name's hair! sorry i don't remember her name. -.-

    i got paint all over my hands on tuesday and wednesday, so i guess you can say i got "down and dirty"? :P pretty much was by myself since i only exist within the walls of the classroom to you.

    the broadband is working again. this is a GOOD thing. oh! paolo nutini is so cool. hahaha.. i think the brits are AWESOME. scissor sisters. amy winehouse. paolo nutini. :P i want to go for the christina aguilera concert!!! *pout* why does she have to go to SINGAPORE? malaysia is PERFECTLY FINE! well, yes, singapore IS cleaner, but we are bigger! they drink recycled toilet water for heaven's sake. i mean, i'm all for eco friendly and stuff, but thats abit too much. its gonna be an awesome concert though. i'm fairly sure of THAT.

    there's a piece in literature night that scares me. oh joy, the stick-my-finger-down-my-throat-and-watch-me-throwing-up-into-a-toilet-bowl scene by our dear denise. she is an amazing actress though. she made it sound so real it scared me. no seriously it did! the gagging and everything. *shudders*

    i just realized that i have some weird fetish with white shoes, lotions and autobiographies. i love reading autobiographies and i'm real good at writing them too. i don't know why! the most recent autobiography i've read would be "ugly" by constance briscoe. its pretty good. so far, my favourites would be corrie ten boom, heroes of haarlem. come to think of it, auntie poh yoke has given me my best books. two of them, anyway. corrie ten boom and "a wrinkle in time" by madeleine l'engle.

    awesome! :P

    i adore scented lotions! the vanilla one tuako bought back once was THE best. palmer's cocoa is second. then there's the strawberry one a have now. yummy :P

    did you know there's such a thing as BODY GLOSS by palmer's? when i first heard it i was like, who would wanna look as if they'd been lacquered all over? but then i saw and its actually shimmery, not quite glossy. these people should get their describing-words right.


    Sunday, June 17, 2007


    the portrait is over! lol. it was pretty awesome, congrats to ivan, nicole, denise and sarah. and also tim and tze quan. and ben and melissa. :P sammie, marcia and i were ushering. i was up in the balcony, and i could've have strangled this one kid who wouldn't stop traipsing up and down the stairs LOUDLY. so annoying!! and in the middle of the show, too. being an usherer is NOT easy. all these people come in with black faces. i get scared. :P so you kinda don't know whether or not to greet them with a smile because they might just snap back and say,"who's happy, you?" i have this weird fear of people snapping back. XP

    i went to see the cast before the ushering meeting, watched them rehearse the final few scenes. i didn't get to see nicole yesterday, so seeing her today was my oppurtunity to wish her luck. and the rest too, except i didn't get to see tze quan and tim. you know what nicole, you weren't ACTING up there, you were just being you! must've been the easiest role in the world for yah. :P the only time you acted was pretending to like ivan's character. true, no? XD you guys rocked that stage.

    i might get to see anysa's puppies next weekend! she won't let me see them just yet because coco might bite. becoming a mummy changes your priorities. my mom says, that couldn't be any more true. :P i've been sick since wednesday, floo. everyone's getting sick, i think. ben was sick on wednesday too. sara was sick before me. uhm, privina from school. yeah.

    as i had predicted earlier, in me own head, i failed my history, which is bad bad bad. so now i am banned from excursions (funny thing, i went out on friday to buy mel's present. maybe that doesn't count.). i just don't get it. history makes NO sense to me. its just freaking hard. whats the point of it? its not like i'm ever going to refer back to it in the future. unless i'm some sort of malaysian historian, but i highly doubt thats gonna happen. and its all in malay, which makes it worse. i agree with one particular article in the star. if they want our english to get better, make the reading subjects english! isn't that common sense? the more english we READ, the better our english gets. and it doesn't help that the test papers for PMR are set in both english and malay either. if thats the way they want it, might as well not have it in english at all! its quite ridiculous.

    well, my maths and science marks hiked up "gila gila" as geogy would say. i'm pretty glad about that. :D and i just found another favourite movie. this one's called "the perfect catch". it is THE cutest show ever!!!!! potential suitors should first watch that show before considering to date me bacause thats the kind of boyfriend i want. he was so cute! not cute as in looks cute, but cute as in he had the cutest, sweetest attitude ever. :P watch it you guys! you won't be disappointed, especially since its not your everyday fairytale flick like they keep churning out of hollywood nowadays. also must see's include "the pursuit of happyness" and "edward scissorhands". awesome awesome shows. :D

    i have to go and catch up on me sleep now. ttfn!

    Monday, June 11, 2007

    hellooooo.. i know i've not been here for quite a while. but i'm back! not for long. PMR is coming up and i really REALLY do have to study for it. so far, i've got my geography and english marks and things aren't looking too good. i shan't say anything. :P

    hmm.. i was thinking the other day.. you know how they say in the science books that everything we see is actually upside down? but our brain interprets it as right side up? does that mean that everything is actually upside down? and if that really is, then doesn't it mean that gravity is a whole different thing? i don't know. just a thought. there was something else but i don't remember now. my mom got a new phone! its AWESOME. haha. its got mp3 and everything. i was practically screaming inside. heh heh. scott says i'm like some kind of venom symbiote. the minute the phone gets into my grubby little hands, the black oozy thingy starts creeping out all over the phone and makes it mine, mine, all mine! i mean.. ahem. mom's. but its coooool! sorry, but when it comes to technology, i'm quite jakun, much unlike my technology savvy friends, i.e, inessa and isaac.

    i went to watch pirates 3 last last weekend with ben, ins and isaac. it was SO COOL! i love johnny depp even more now. ben and i thought he was going nuts or something at the part when there were so many of him on the ship. well, yes he was. the rock was following him. XD it was actually a part of calypso, i think. the white crab. i thought it was so cute! haha.. keith richards so looked like him!! i had no idea. it was fun. my two favourite parts were:

    jack : how's mom?
    teague: *holds up shrunken head*
    jack: *reels back* uhh... she looks.. great!


    the part when jack's in the jail cell and he escapes.
    jack 1: charming fellow.
    jack 2: yes, i miss him already.
    jack 3 (stuck on wall): nobody move! i dropped me brain.

    yes yes. the brilliance of johnny depp as an actor simply leaves me wanting more. hahaha.. i went back with inessa and we had the shepherd's pie that her grandma made. it was yummy.

    i have to go now, scott is trying to get me off. so, i had better go, he's flashing the lighter, which is making me rather scared because he could very well accidentally catch fire to the cupboard in front of him and.. i'd rather not think about it.

    oh. anysa's dog is pregnant! cooool. :P