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    Sunday, February 24, 2008


    i went ice skating with sammie and mel yesterday. all was good. all was fine and good clean fun.
    then i fell.
    and twisted my ankle.
    now i walk around the house hobbling like a grandmother (psst don't tell her i said that), but i guess the good thing is..
    i don't have to go to school today!! :D
    well, not that i can actually go anywherecoz i can't walk properly. have to stay in the house. and do my homework. T.T and study coz my exams are coming up, my first exam is at the end of this week. pray for me you guys!! pretty please. ;p

    yesterday was the most hilarious day ever. ehh, not yesterday. saturday. yeah. first going for the time out with jang, we had a briefing with shah for media. and we had jon chin, shou yi, rachel ng, tuen tjun, kenvin, james and john foong, (i forgot his name, i'm sorry), my sister, eirena and i think her name was jessie join us. it was alot of fun. jon chin and shou yi were like teasing tuen tjun so shah gave him the "joker card" meaning if they bullied him, he could tell shah and shah could call gang pergi belasah. funny lah. after that whenever jon and shou teased him, he'd be like, "i got joker card!!!"

    funny lah, these people. XD

    then after service and card making, which i had to do pretty much all by myself, coz IVAN and JON CHIN were perpetually USELESS, tak tahu apa nak buat, we went to the cafeteria to celebrate inessa's late birthday with cake and all that. then the whole gang sat down just to talk and everything.
    i swear, i have not laughed that much and that hard since new year's eve when we stayed over at sammie's house.

    it was awesome! :P
    peace out from the crippled one.
    i go put ice on me ankle now. :)

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Accepted : best show evaa.

    you HAVE to watch this show. either get some pirated version (clear, of course) or you can borrow it from me, it is a GREAT show.

    this is all my brother's fault!! he got me into this stuff!


    btw, i'm sure most of you have noticed that my blog now comes with like 70% less colour. lol. i kind of figured how distracting all the colour was, and it took a REALLY long time to do all the colouring and all that. so, ta-daa! less colour, less bull and more.. ehmm.. more..



    i dunno. lol.

    I GOT A NEW PHONE YAY MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first camwhore icture in the camera!!! :D camera's not too bad ehh.



    old person. XD

    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    ... something more than beyonce in a giant glass of champagne.

    sorry, i know that was super random, but it popped into my head after catching the tail end of beyonce's naughty girl video. it is.. beyonce.. in a giant glass.. of champagne.


    anyway, yes. many many people have asked me how my valentines day was.
    crap. thats right. crap.
    but only mostly due to PMS.
    don't mess with a single kate on valentines day when she's PMS-ing yo. she'll kill you.

    emmm.... i dunno, i'm pretty bored. i have to go pluck.
    draw your own conclusions.
    got a wedding dinner tonight. some unknown relative of mine is getting married. so, yes. i get to wear my dress! ^^

    OH OH! did you know, i'm related to sherman, nick and justin tan? weird!!
    their late mother is my cousin's mother's sister. so we're related through marriage.

    Sunday, February 10, 2008


    its tough being the middle kid yanno. ;p hahaha...
    i would personally consider myself pretty well off for a middle kid. usually, middle kids are ignored by parents who dote on the oldest kid or the youngest kid. middle kids are, well, middle kids. but i would say that my parents give us all a fair share of attention.
    actually, i want to write about my younger sister.
    sara ng shu li.
    she is 14 years old this october.
    she is dyslexic.
    i'm pretty sure most of ya'll who read my blog already know this stuff. and i'm not going to go over the usual "she's-dyslexic-so-please-try-to-be-nice-to-her" shit because i know thats all it is to you - shit.
    no. today, i'm going to ask you to attempt being in, well, MY shoes.
    i'm the middle child, closest to sara. i also happen to be the eldest daughter as well as sara's big sister. my mother and i are the ones who usually take care of sara. scott doesn't really give her the time of day, not because of anything, but mostly because he doesn't know how to talk to her. same goes for dad.
    so mom and i try our best.
    and sometimes, when mom's not around, i try my best. can you imagine what its like?

    having to worry about what your little sister is doing / saying when you're not with her?
    whether she's embarrassing herself?
    whether she's getting along?
    whether the people she's with, the people who call themselves her "friends" (tht word is to be said with utmost sarcasm) are treating her like a normal friend?

    i know wht she goes through, you know. don't think i don't know.
    you people who call yourselves her "friends" don't give a shit about her. you guys think she's "weird" and "embarrassing", no doubt about that.
    i'm here to stand up for my sister.
    of course i've been embarrassed by her before.
    of course here have been times where i just wish she could be like everyone else.
    of course there are times when she doesn't make sense even to me, and i live with her.
    of course.
    i'm not going to lie to you. she's not the perfect sister.
    but neither am i. and neither are any of us.
    and i still love her no matter what.
    she has a heart of gold because she's more innocent than any of us could ever be. she wishes only the best for everyone. she doesn't swear because she's been taught not to and she keeps to her word. she doesn't watch the stuff other people do because she doesn't understand it.

    NOT because she's stupid.

    my little sister is NOT stupid.
    she may be naive, and she may not get alot of jokes and stuff like that, and she may be really sensitive, but she is NOT stupid.
    its just the way she is.
    i understand your struggles to accept her. heck, dudes, i LIVE with her, i share a bedroom with her. if you have to put up with her a couple of times a week for a few hours, imagine what i have to put up with 24/7?

    do you have any idea how many times i have gotten so so angry with God?

    but now i knw wht she really is. this may sound so cliche, but its the truth.
    she is a blessing.
    she brings laughter into my life. she brings me my trials so that i can overcome them together with her. she helps me to grow. she helps me do simple things like get me water and things like that when i have my hands full or when i'm just feeling lazy or tired (which i do quite often ;p).

    sara ng shu li is my sister.
    and i love her.
    can't you do the same?

    Wednesday, February 06, 2008


    YES shammie, i WILL do that tag, i promise.
    someday. ;p
    but i WILL do it!! pinky swear!! lol. its such a long tag lah.
    anyway, moving on.
    today marks a momentous occasion.
    today was the first time that we had a maid run away. quite funny really. but i quite liked her. T.T
    byebye sophie! i'm sorry your employer was quite the monster.
    her employer, by the way, was not my family. draw your own conclusions.

    and i'm sick. what a way to start the "new year". chinese new year, that is.

    happy chinese new year everyone!!

    Monday, February 04, 2008

    tadaa! ^^the lights are way cool. there're ALOT more pics but blogger is being sucky. :(

    WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i lost my voice after. the third pic is the album cover of oh! gravity. kieran bought it and got it signed.

    sue shen. grr. lol. pics with ben and kieran, and daphnie!!

    meet and greet session. they're such nice people!! now they knw my name. ^^

    the second pic is me getting my entrance band signed. awesome, right? i got to touch all their hands. ^^ was part of my extremely devious plan. MUA HAHA.

    they are MORE, but blogger is being sucky, so i can't upload them now. :(

    Saturday, February 02, 2008

    Switchfoot I


    IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry. i know swearing is overrated. but "really awesome" doesn't cut it. "frigging awesome" doesn't cut it either.
    so the f word it is.

    anyway. yes. love me butch, as i had predicted, sucked. they gave me a headache. sue shen and i were like standing around, just waiting for switchfoot. and there were these CRAZY malay girls behind us screaming for all they were worth. and there was a guy behind them who screamed even louder. gawd. my poor ears. i was seriously deaf after.

    so yes, then altered frequency came on. they were good. nothing to scream about, but they were pretty good. :) but i was just waiting for switchfoot.



    i screamed.
    i jumped.
    i sang.
    i yelled at the people in front of me because they were so freakishly tall tht i couldn't see.
    i took pictures.
    i sang somemore.

    EVERYONE knew their songs!! it was so cool. songs like "we were meant to live", "i dare you to move", and "we are one tonight". they didn't even have to sing!!


    oh! and they sang "only hope". you know, the mandy moore song in a walk to remember?
    apparently, its a switchfoot song. i didn't know tht, did you?
    all the more reason to love them so. ^^
    they sang "oh! gravity" as well, but i only heard tht song a couple of times, so i didn't knw how to sing it properly. i just winged it. thank goodness jon foreman sings clearly, i could hear every single word. i could sing along to the chorus.

    "oh gravity!"

    uh. i tak ingat dah.

    anyway. yes. pictures will come later. i have a TON of them. some are pretty good. most are pretty blurry. not my fault tht jon foreman keeps moving. and that i'm short. and that i wasn't exactly close to the stage (which is all sue shen's fault, i TOLD her we should go early, but no... i should have followed ben.). and that the people around jostle me around alot coz i'm SHORT.

    i seriously felt so short there. all these tall people. ish. all i could see was sweaty backs and spiked hair. gawdd.