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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    devious stuff.

    this is just stuff from my favourites in deviantart. pretty cool eh? :P

    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    when i die..

    Taken from "One For My Baby" by Tony Parsons.

    "The words of Canon Henry Scott Holland. Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
    Call me by my familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity and sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me."

    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    somebody go out with me already. pleease?

    i finished ayashi no ceres! lol, so nice. but now i have nothing to do - again. except read. i've picked up four books from my mom's cupboard.

    books :

    one for my baby - tony parsons
    switch bitch - roald dahl
    the bonesetter's daughter - amy tan
    face - aimee liu

    and i finished :

    abhorsen - garth nix
    the saga of darren shan : vampire blood - darren shan

    and i'm looking for :

    the brother's grimm - author unknown (to me, that is)
    through the looking glass (the original alice in wonderland) - author unknown (ditto)

    everyone says that i've been feeling particularly bloodthirsty lately. O.O?

    and i amaze my brother! he says (and i quote) : "sometimes, you really amaze me, kate. you can be very perceptive, but you're somewhat an airhead. i don't know whether to be amused or disgusted."

    be amazed, kor.
    i am not an airhead!!!!

    hmph. anyway. i know why i've been all mood swing-y. its that time of the month. nature calls in the form of blood, cramps and headaches.


    blood on the pavement, what a mess!
    is that your eyeball on my dress?
    don't drink and drive, just keep your head
    come graduation day, you'll be dead!

    hands on the wheel, oh i know its a drag
    i'd hate i to see that body in a body bag!
    kids listen up, cause i'm a mom
    yes blood on the pavement will ruin your prom!

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007


    i'm sick. sick sick sick and i hate it. i have a blocked nose and because of that, i have blocked ears so i can't hear properly sometimes and i have a headache all the time. i hate being sick! ><

    anyhoo, what have i been doing the whole of last week and so far this week? hm. nothing. you heard me right, absolutely nothing. okay, well, not quite nothing. i cleaned my room! stayed over at sammie's last week with nikki. went swimming but haven't been able to go since due to all this cursed rain. hmm, what else. ah, i've been watching reruns of ayashi no ceres! XD i love that show. i finished the 12-episode cd of paradise kiss that inessa lent to me. its real nice, but i wanted yukari to marry george! would've been cool. i don't want to watch it on animax though, its all in english. spoils it. hmph.

    okay, what else? housework. eating. just started jazz class with kenny. its a killer, i tell you. uhm, then the christmas musical rehearsels have started. i was so angry at kenny last week! like, the first rehearsel, nikki and i couldn't go because we had agreed to go for this other event ages ago. so i TOLD kenny and he said, okay. and then the week after that, practice was canceled. then last week, we went and apparently, they had learned an entire routine that consisted of three eights and he never told us! i mean, hello? and then when we said,"uh, kenny, we don't know this!" he turns around and tells us that its "too bad" and its "our responsibility because we didn't come"! i told him we weren't coming right?! he should have at least told us that there was a new routine to learn and ask us to ask wei vern or SOMEONE to teach it to us right?!?! aargh!

    well, yeah. hm, what else? oh yeah, anysa isn't talking to me again. i don't know why, but she hasn't tried to communicate in any form since two weeks ago. *sigh* i'm so bored at home and being sick doesn't help much either. gr.

    now i have a sore throat because i've been breathing through my mouth because i can't breathe through my nose at nigth because its blocked. so now my throat hurts. ><

    oh yeah, and my grand-uncle just passed away yesterday, God rest his soul. he was really nice and i'm sad i won't see him at chinese new year next year. no, its not because he gives big ang pows!! :P nah, he was just real nice. well, shit happens, i guess.

    i gotta go now. bye!

    Friday, October 19, 2007

    "enough is enough"

    go to youtube. search "miracle theater" and then look for the video that has the title "Miracle Theater "Enough is enough"" or something along those lines. then go to and sign the petition. okay?


    i tried to post the link for the video, but it wouldn't load, so bummer. oh well! you guys'll know what it is when you watch the vid. oh, and remember david sanborn? he's in it! so go check it out, yeah?

    on a lighter note, allow me to tell you a tale of the sad situation in my school.

    it was at my school's english literature night and the backdrop they used was a picasso painting, or at least, it looked like one, what with the sideways faces and eyes. so just to check, i asked one of the girls there. she will not be named.

    me : hey, thats a picasso painting, right?
    her : what?
    me : picasso.
    her : who's picasso?
    me : haha, you're kidding right?
    her : no, seriously, who's picasso??

    i told my mom and her jaw dropped. Le Gasp! to quote isaac. XD

    sad sad sad sad.

    kids these days.

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    picture post

    okay, don't say anything. i know. i am a cam whore. shut up. :D
    three weirdos. wakak.

    is that not the sorriest excuse for a VEGETABLE you have ever seen?!

    hehe i ripped this off ben. its cute! haha. btw, thats my knee.


    we rule the world with harley davidsons and fallout boy.

    more hilariousness. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH. i love you too anysa.

    this is what we do in class.
    seriously. we play uno. its fun, so shutup. :P


    bwa hahaha maltesers rock. :D

    Friday, October 05, 2007

    forget yesterday

    its been less than ten hours since the last paper and i'm already forgetting.


    i'm so happy. this morning i woke up smiling like and idiot. come to school and grin like a fool. do the exam and can't stop jittering. seriously, if you were sitting behind me the last five minutes you would've seen me bobbing up and down, like bubububububububububububbubub. scream at the bus stop. scream in the car. scream at anyone who was online. scream at princess, who looked at me like i was crazy.

    went shopping with my mom earlier. got a new top from MNG. :D

    and i can go to hartamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    could this day GET any better?!


    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    the count down to freedom (almost) has started

    lol. only 21 hours left. more or less lah. :P


    my hair's all weird. it seems to be defying my every wish. psht. and i am now officially a facebook addict! hahaha..

    my mom won't let me go to hartamas on friday night? why?

    "i don't know who these people are!"

    hello? isn't the whole point of going to a chill out session to MEET these people so that you can KNOW these people?? *sigh*

    nicole was supposed to go with me initially, but she can't know coz its her grandma's birthday dinner. poor darling *snickers*.

    i'm so evil. :D

    sammie wants to go with me now. i shall have to wheedle to my muzzer. hahahahaaa... imagine wheedling to MY mom. she'll prolly make a face at me. or she might just break...... hm, maybe if i make my eyes big enough.. no i can't. i just tried it in the mirror. i have mata sepet. no, seriously. every time i smile, its like little slits in my face. geeez.

    at least they're not as small as felix's! *cackles* aw don't worry felix, we still love you - small eyes and everything, kay? :)

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.

    i can't believe there's only 21 hours left. less than a DAY. *vibrates in seat*

    i've just decided that i want to go have my hair washed in a salon one of these days. they're so nice! then when you come out, its like, perfect. :D

    stuck on :

    jason mraz
    joss stone
    mandy moore
    maroon 5
    aly and aj
    alanis morisette
    boys like girls

    "WE'LL MAKE THE GREAT ESCAPE." - boys like girls
    "scream if you wanna go faster." - geri halliwell