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    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    what she said

    wow, today is a great day.. first off, i actually can understand my geography now!! i mean, woweeeee... hahah.. then my mum n dad wanna take me to a sale.. *score!* so i get to skip school. *walla walla woot woot* anyway. i just got home from my geography class, and my mum n i had lunch. mum was reading an article in the newspaper of Fergie Ferguson of the Black Eyed Peas. now, all you boys out there who thinks fergie is hot? yeah yeah, i know, most of y'all right? okay, now how many of u think tht fergie is no longer a virgin? let me know if u think she is. personally, i don't think she is. now, y'all don't go dissing me for saying this, a'ight? in the star newspaper today, it said : we have heard the amiably dirty, raucous single, London Bridge, though. it's already No.1 in America, where only Anglophiles would recognize the structure in the accompanying video as Tower Bridge. "i knew that,"she insists. "i'm not saying its about the London bridge , its just a London bridge."
    London or Tower, the song is pretty unambiguous. its hard to hear the chorus - "how come everytime you come around i go down like London London bridge?" - as anything but sexual. but despite having co-written the song, fergie seems ambivalent about being perceived as sexy. US magazine People declared her one of the "50 most beautiful people in the world" in 2004, and she habitually wears tops that reveal incredibly taut limbs and stomach. but she seems preoccupied by the fear that people will get the wrong idea about her.
    she raises the subject again later saying she would like to be a "role model" for girls who might be coerced into having sex too early. "i don't sleep around and i don't want to show girls that you don't have to give it away - it should be a precious gift." fair enough."

    well.. draw your own conclusions.. i mean, come on. what do you think?

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