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    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    nothing in particular

    yep... this blog post is about nothing in particular.. hahaha.. come.. let us think of a topic.. how about one tht most ppl think about.. a funny little thing called lurve.. lol.. not like i got anything to say about it.. haha.. i got lotsa love.. i got family love.. friends love.. God's love.. lotsa lotsa love.. hahah.. i wonder who depends on boyfriends and girlfriends all the time.. hmm.. maybe ppl like paris hilton.. PATHETIC... haha..

    all my friends (most of them) hv got bf's.. er, i dunno if any of my guy friends got gf's..haha... er, tim? ivan? philly? nah.. haha.. kiddin guys.. i guess i don't really need a bf at the moment right? haha...i'm not tht independant.. but i'm not tht dependant anyway.. haha..

    anyway, i'm getting bored.. i'm gonna go.. maybe study.. thats so not likely.. haha.. kk.. byee, u ghosts hu read this blog.. other than philly n sammy.. haha.. byeee..


    Philip said...

    lol at first ther i tot u called me a ghost..anyway ..i tot u got husband ..why need bf .. =p

    Sammy said...

    haha... the funny little thing called love.... what a sweet word yet can hurt so badly.. WE ARE THE SINGLETONZ! so don't even bother thinking about boyfriends i tell ya babe!(: other than nicole and her dahling...who CLAIMS his life doesn't revolve around nicole but nicole smses him everyday...
    haha.. love ya babe!

    katie*lovely* said...

    lol.. you guys are soo right!! haha.. thanks you guys, i love ya!!