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    Friday, September 15, 2006

    doughnuts!! with filling!

    i got a new dress!!! haha... its white and flowy and pretty.... i like it i like it! lol.. going abit high now.. just went for prayer meeting.. totally awesome.. supposed to be studying but i wanted to write down some stuff first. gotta go back to church at 2.oopm anyway. so i'm doing three things at one time, reading my geo book, looking for a map and writing in this blog. lol!
    anyway, i actually was gonna write about something my friend just talked to me about.


    wat comes to mind when someone says that word to u? kooky, eccentric eople who collect dog bones for a living? being urself by trying to make a new trend? wat is the true meaning of originality? if u ask me, i don't know either. we're all in the process of finding ourselves and finding out who we really are. who are you and who am i? who's that woman on the street and who's that man staring out of hs apartment window? i don't know and neither do u. but to find ourselves we must ask ourselves who do we want to be? take ur cues from there.

    i'm just telling it like it is. my friend was getting fussed abt her own blog, saying that if her blog didn't look nice no one would read it and then what would be the point of maintaining it? well.. then ur blogging counts for nothing if it only looks nice. its like a good looking doughnut. doughnuts are only good with filling! if it just looks good but there's no substance in it, wats the point? no jam, no custard? its the end of the world i tell u!!

    so friends, ponder this point - who are you and what makes you you? who do you want to be?


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