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    Wednesday, November 29, 2006


    everyone who went for the boot camp and got the t shirt, please wear it on saturday!!!!!!

    anyway, i haven't told u guys about the rest of boot camp. day 1, we had an obstacle course, and in my team, there's this boy named dylan, who isn't exactly the fittest guy around. anyway, there's this obstacle where you have to swing over this small body of water with a rope. he clung unto the rope and when he kicked off, he tucked his legs in so he kind of looked like a ball at the end of the rope. so he swang to the other side - and didn't let go! so he swang back to where we were, so he sorta looked like a pendulum! super fuhneeeee... we had to push him back off and the teachers on the otherside caught him. haha.. good thing he didn't fall into the water.. that wouldn't have been good.>.O

    then, there was this other obstacle which was a tunnel. it was sooo horribly stinky. yuck. anyway, dylan (AGAIN) went in shouting "i'm gonna get stuck!" we all thought he was kidding. then he didn't come out for a while. ronnie koko ran to the side he's supposed to come out from and said "is he really stuck ah?!" so mean, i tell you!!! haha.. zara and i were laughing so hard it still hurts.. anyway, by the time we got back to the hall, we were washed out. and we still had to wait for the tepees to be done!! aargh..

    zara, ivan, aaron and me were doing this station, or zone, which was temptation sort of thing for the kids. the first team to go was airforce, which had wai kin's brother, ivan's brother, nicole's sister and tze quan's brother. btw, now tze quan's nickname is piggypox!! hee hee. anyway, so this group came into the room - and all the brothers fell for it hook, line and sinker! super cute i tell you.. dylan (ivan's brother) and wai shin(wai kins's brother) were both saying, 'whaa this is the best station ever!!!' we couldn't stop laughing.. then ivan came in and took quite a while debriefing them.... until ronnie koko had to come in and give him the time out signal coz the other team were coming already.. ivan, ivan.. haha.. anyway, then the other teams came in.. fell for it.. dadada.. except one team who was the only team to pass our station.. they didn't touch anything!we were quite impressed..

    and then at night, i heard tze quan calling my name so i went outside and it turned out there was this huge ass bug in nicole's tepee! it was a cicada and was scaring the life out of rachel and nicole. it was stuck between the wall of the bathroom and the ceiling, so i chased it out of there and i think i half drowned it. hehe... then we called chris, one of the guys in, and well, he didn't get it out. grr.. then khai weng and ivan came in. okay, khai weng is a really.. 'unique' guys (he takes pride in that) and ivan.. well, i think most of you guys who read this blog know how ivan is, right? okay, so we thought that ivan would be going OMIGOD and that khai weng would be the one taking it out! we were SO WRONG. khai weng went in looking for the bug and when he saw it he was like 'OMIGOD ITS HUGE!!!!!!!' and hid behind ivan. so in the end all the girls were screaming and khai weng, well, he didn't scream, but he was pretty scared i think, and ivan had to get it out. super funny that night.. the girls ended up sleeping at 4am.. i slept around 3something, i was so tired.. so i only got 3, 4 hours of sleep that night? yeah.. then i went to knock on nicole's door and i heard someone inside say 'late adee ah? ya lah, late lah! quick, get up! late adee lah!' hahaha.. fuhnee...

    so yeap.. thats what happened.. lol.. i'm sure that in the other blogs you guys will be hearing about this too, like nicole, timothy and ivan.. God bless everyone!

    PS. all you who went for kz boot camp and got the broken borders tee, please wear it on saturday! must!

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006


    i'm home!!!! haha.. kidzone camp was so awesome!!! when we first went into the room for reg., it seemed as if the helpers and teachers were more excited than the kids. but after we got settled ito our teams and all that it was evident how excited these kids really were. the excitement was so contagious, like a buzzing in the air! well, i wanted to tell you guys out there what really made me happy in this camp. two things, or rather two events, were the highlight of the camp for me. the first one was on the second night of camp. we were supposed to have these station activities in the afternoon but because it rained, andy koko decided to push it to the nighttime. then, come night time, it started raining heavily! i was so upset and you could see the kid's faces just fall! they wer so eager to go and when their faces fell, i was so so upset!! i prayed and i even cried abit. so there i am sitting in the session, crying my eyes out and no one knew why. anyway, then something prodded me to just look around the room and i did. most the helpers were gone! ivan, tze quan, tim, khai, nikki.. so something in my spirit just told me to go outside the room and pray. so i went outside and lo and behold, there they were, praying. so i went to join them and we sang and prayed and it was just truly awesome. then ivan prayed for the rain to stop at 8.55pm because the games were to start at 9.00pm. it started to let up and then it was reduced to a drizzle! aaron said, hey what time is it? guess what, it was exactly 8.55pm!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH. we were screaming and shouting out there and then we went out into the drizzle and we prayed somemore and sang and praised the Lord. eventually we had to go back into the room and we told andy koko it was drizzling. by that time we were bouncing around with such excitement! then we sent timothy out to check if it had really stopped drizzling and it had!!!!!!!! it was really really amazing. for a long time i didn't really believe that God would answer my prayers. but right now, i believe. i believe!! this is such an awesome experience. God is so good. i bet you right now all the helpers who have blogs are writing all about this. haah..

    the second thing was when i woke up the next morning i woke up around 7.20am. after waking charissa and lynette, i went out to see if anyone else had woken up yet. i peeked out the door and i saw ivan sitting on a ledge outside in the middle of the tepee area. i looked at him and he jerked his head slightly to indicate ' come over if you want to'. so i went over and we just sat together in the quiet morning-ness of it all and i just felt overwhelmed with peace. we talked, but only a little bit. we just sat there in each other's company, breathing in the morning air. it was so divine.

    i gotta go! will write more soon!

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    when darkness turns to light

    last night i couldn't sleep and i felt like picking up my Bible and turning to my favourite book, Proverbs. and i got to chapter 19 and there's this verse that is repeated twice. the verse goes like : a false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will not go free - and again - a false witness will not go unpunished, and he who pours out lies will perish. these are verses 5 and 9 respectively.

    in the first verse, it tell us that liars will ot go free. then the second time it tells us that liars will die, will perish. recipe for disaster. >:3 anyway, i guess thats a pretty big warning for all of us, especially myself. i mean, it doesn't get much louder than that, does it? its kind of like this big neon sign with a loudspeaker blaring next to it. haha.. funny picture isn't it? but somehow i think that God is deadly serious about what He says here.

    another verse i noticed was verse 2 : it is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way. and i wrote what it meant to me next to the verse and i wrote 'don't rush into or be enthusiastic about something when you know nothing about it and end up missing the point entirely'. i guess that pretty much speaks for itself right? i'd like to know your own feedback, kayz? it would be nice.

    anyway, i've been doing alot of thinking lately. yes yes i know i think too much. i need to keep myself busy so as not to think too much about everything. tonight is the hillsong untied concert!! aikz i wrote untied again! i mean united. anyway, i'm so excited! its gonna be fun. oh, and i'm now officially hooked on all american rejects. they rock! yeah.. and kidzone boot camp is in two days! i'm in ivan's station. we're supposed to try and tempt the kids with all sorts of enticing things, such as food, drinks, magazines.. etc, etc.. so it should be fun.

    so now i'm just sitting here chatting with sammie who doesn't leave comments for me anymore and listening to AAR and i'm just thinking. there's a guy friend of mine who i really like and i've known him for about four years now i think. more, maybe. but i guess i'll never be more than anything but a friend to hi. a really naggy, exasperating friend, too! haha.. its kinda hard for me to see him with other girls, especially since those other girls are my other friends. but i guess i've gotta let him go because its his life right? and well. there's that saying : if you love something let it go and if it comes back its yours. so i let him go now.

    Thursday, November 16, 2006


    hi all.. haven't been writing coz the comp's been banned for a couple of days coz my dad was being all cautious about the comp having viruses and yadda yadda yadda.. not that i understand it.. lol! anyway, I FINALLY GOT MY BIKINI!!! i'm sooo happy.. and my auntie shipped along an acne kit too.. so, hopefully when i start using it i'll get skin like a porcelein teapot.. nothing as fat though.. haha! and then mum's been making me - 'making' me, so yeah - work out and i went for my first hip hop class *it rocks!* so i hopefully will be looking hot in no time... harhar.. what a dream.. but mum says it can come true, so i'm all, i hope so! ooh, hip hop class is so fun, tim's so stiff its funny. harhar.. don't let tht comment stop ya tim, u're doing good. just hope he continues even after yi lyn leaves for aussie.. which reminds me, christmas is coming!!!!!!!! its like, so around the corner. so is spm, thts like, two steps around the corner. good luck, spm-ers! God be with you.

    samantha's mummy has just come out of hospital.. so, auntie, if ur reading this, i wish u all the best in getting better soon and i hope that u'll be up and running in no time! well, i was watching a good show the other day. its called a place for annie. i don't know if anyone of you have watched, but if you get the chance, watch it. its really good. oh and they did the mom's make up real good too. she's supposed to be this teenage mom who has aids and she think her child would have aids too. so instead of having to face the tragedy of the child's death, she leaves the child two days after birth. a doctor at the hospital adopts her but one year after the birth mother wants her back. so a series of events follow and the mother almost dies but they bring her back to life only to find that annie, her daughter, does not have aids. she has the antibodies but not the virus. u guys will have to watch it to find out more! haha..

    i sort of wrote a song yesterday.. i don't know f it can be called a song or a poem.. i dunno, it was abit random, it just suddenly came to me.. its about a friend of mine whom i'm in love with.. he's perfect.. but i'll never be anything more to him than just his friend.. *sighz*.. well, here it is anyway..

    forbidden love

    i once heard that love was a friendship on fire
    and i once thought maybe we could have that
    and how sad i feel when i know its not possible
    its not possible because

    this love i feel for you
    its a forbidden love
    and i will keep on loving you but only time will tell
    this love its a forbidden love

    you're my friend
    you're my best friend
    and you've got girlfriends of your own
    and i will never be anything more to you because

    this love i feel for you
    its a forbidden love
    and i will keep on loving you but only time will tell
    this love its a forbidden love

    and my heart aches everyday for you
    but i don't get a secong glance from you

    this forbidden love
    oh how much i love to love you..

    so yeah.. thats my 'song'.. haha.. oops me gtg.. bye!

    Friday, November 10, 2006


    owh owh owh.. my bro just can't seem to get a date for his prom.. poor guy.. this is not his month.. in thirty days, three potential dates, all unable to go.. then he won the tickets to the fly-niversary, but he's too young to go.. then he won tivkets and VIP passes to the tata young concert tonight, but he's got no transport. VIP passes!! poor guy.. just can't get a break.. sighz.. oh well, his SPM is coming up real soon... so its good he has to concentrate on that.. lol..

    hmm.. oh yes.. school's out for me, yay!! haha.. i'm happy.. no more going to school for the next two months! then next week i get to join the hip hop class in my ballet centre on wednesday at 5.45pm.. and yeah.. i can go just abt everywhere with my mummy! hahah.. omg.. i'm watching jamie oliver's school dinners and the kids are such amzingly spoilt brats its crazy. its just crazy. they thought a celery was a potato, for pity's sake! something like that anyway. and then there's this kid who just won't try anything. if i was his mom, i'd go, you don't wanna eat? fine, don't eat. i mean, come on! its not gonna kill you, right? gosh. their lunches consist of potatoes, chips, sweets and chocolate. hello?!?! whottalotta constipated kids. i'm not surprised.

    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    when does the fairy tale girl meet her prince?

    this fairy tale girl sure has kissed a couple of frogs already. they're all princes, but they're not mine. so i released them back into the pond that is swarming with frogs. yay me! what alotta frogs to kiss. well, might as well just mention what i'm looking for in a guy. so here's my perfect man.

    the perfect man should be able to argue with me without agreeing to do anything for me including swallow poison or do anything stupid like that. i mean, thats super obsessive already. well, he should be able to have fun with me and be able to play with me and yet know when and where to be serious. if i could have it my way, this guy would roll down a hill with me and carry me back up (if he could) when we get down. well, that part may be abit much, considering how guys here in malaysia can hardly carry anything without complaining like idiots (hee hee). okay, so not all guys.maybe i'll just go to america. i'm pretty sure there'll be somebody there who'll be able to carry me! haha.. well and this guy would have fun conversations with me about every topic under the sun and the moon. this guy would be my lover, my brother, my best friend. this guy. this man, will be there when i'm happy, will be there when i cry, will be there when i feel silly, will be there when i feel moody, will just be there and i will be there for him too.

    well, there you go. haha.. i know alot of people will say, omg kate, you set the bar way too high! haha.. owh well, i'm sure there's a guy like that somewhere out there... lol! so yeah.. thats my perfect man.. :P

    now back to the going - ons in my life.. hmm.. oh yes! my brother has a date to his prom! i was hoping he'd take me, but oh well. next time, maybe. :D so anyway, guess who he asked? i won't say it here, but post a comment and tell me who you guys think it is! its oh-la-la.. lol! well.. other than that.. i'm doing up my christmas presents now! haha.. you guys will be surprised.. so i hope you like it coz i'm 'making' them myself. 'making', so yeah. i got a new pair of jazz pants today! finally. i've been needing one for ages. my mom bought herself two blouses and a pullover, so i think thats good coz she doesn't often get stuff for herself. so good for her! she looks really really pretty! haha.. alrighty.. so thats the lowdown on my day and my perfect dream man.. bye, ya'll! *winkz*

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    fairy tale beginning

    heyy.. well alot of stuff has happened since i last wrote in here.. ooh and i just watched 'the perfect man' just now and one of my favourite songs played! howie day's 'collide'..

    even the best fall down sometimes
    even the wrong words seem to rhyme
    out of the dark that fills your mind
    you finally find that you and i collide

    yeah i like that song.. there's this other song i like but i dunno who the singers are nor do i know the name of the song. something like "everything you want". the last chorus is here, anyone who knows the song please tell me! haha thanks.

    i am everything you want
    i am everything you need
    i say all the right things at exactly the right times but i mean nothing to you and i don't know why...

    hmm.. let's see.. any other songs that have been an anthem for me this year? oh yes..jesse mccartney's 'because you live'.. i'm pretty sure i don't have to write down the lyrics because everyone knows them haha! all the guys reading this are probably going *grrooooaaan...* too bad! haha.. nah i'm not gonna write em down.. malas.. then there's the goo goo doll's 'iris'.. and carrie underwood's 'Jesus take the wheel'.. and oasis' 'wonderwall'.. and drunk before dawn's love song with lea and raul.. i just love that song! as well as the one celine did at the end of the track..

    today my brother's cell had a party for ps daniel and his wife auntie ann! they've been married four years now, so happy anniversary, ps dan and auntie ann! cool, it rhymes.. haha.. ooh.. now there's a new word.. 'shopology'.. haha.. well, today we went to the canaanland in damansara perdana to get an anniversary pressie for them and i got a book called 'battlefield of the mind ; for teens' by joyce meyer. its really really good. and i got a new bible! mine's falling apart already so i might as well get a new one since it was on sale right? it was rm99.90 with 20percent discount, which made it about rm79.. somewhere there lah.. and i got my little black book and evangelising! its super cute, i'll lend it to you if you ask.. haha.. its actually really good and it explains everything so you'll totally be prepared for the toughies people ask. i sound like a promoter don't i? hahaha..

    well, then we went to tropics, which is next door, because i needed to go to sonata and get a new leotard but it was closed so we called the owner and she said she was having lunch and she'd be back n ten minutes. i felt so bad! she probably gulped down her lunch and rushed back on a full stomach.. i feel so baaad.. well, anyway.. then we found the cutest little place called 'Buddies Cafe' and its food is scrumptious! haha.. so is its iced chocolate and according to my mom, the latte is smooooooth and lovely.. haha.. then we went back up to sonata and i got a new leotard! i'm so happy.... no more shopping for me! the only thing i have to buy now are.. stuffs for christmas pressies.. i shall keep tht a secret.. lol!

    so anyway, then we came home to get the food, go back to church and everything. church was, well, church. after church scott was talking about the worship that may gan and kenny led. i thought it was pretty good today and sure, maybe they don't know how to lead and interact with the crowd yet, but its an experience, you learn from them. i'm not saying my brother's views are wrong, but i always did think he should be more open-minded and not always think he knows best. sometimes he does. but i guess, hey, he's my bro, love him, respect him. i do, but i got my views too! haha.. well yeah, that was my day. gtg, byee!