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    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    hey sexy (oops, i mean skinny) lady

    'its common practice that after a few stints in hospital with an eating disorder you would be shipped off to the psychiatric ward, be it an adolescent or adult one. ... my psychiatrists at Monash told me to write letters to my anorexia thinking this would help me to identify my illness. the truth is, the more letters i wrote to my anorexia, the sicker i became. .. there seemed to be no solution. i was getting worse.'

    these are the words of Bronte Cullis at the almost-peak of her anorexia. she is now 20-something years old and was diagnosed with anorexia at 15 years old. thankfully she has recovered and has a book called 'Bronte's story'. she lives to tell her story and hopefully sufferers will pick this up.

    this is the typical everyday of many teenagers who suffer from anorexia or even bulimia. (ps: anorexia is when u starve urself and bulimia is when u make urself throw up) unfortunately, this has become a norm all over the world, even right here in malaysia. as a matter of fact there is a girl in my school who is rumoured *take note* to be bulimic. if its not ture, thank God. if it is, what can we do to prevent this from happening? we can try to learn more about this illness.

    most people perceive anprexia and bulimia to overcome people who are weak, stupid, obsessed with looks and people who just think they're fat and are looking for an easy way out. well, instead of labeling and stigmatizing these people, lets learn to try to understand them and try to help them while we're at it. imagine if u were one of them (i hope ur not) and u were being pushed aside because nobody bothers to try to undestand you. wouldn't u be so upset, so triggered to try to get even more attention? i would.

    so let's try not to develop all these negative mindsets towards these people, after all they are people too. God bless. byee..

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