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    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    perfect disaster

    i know the title sounds bad but its not, really. hahah.. actually, i was just thinking about something in my exam today (yes yes i know i'm not supposed to be thinking of other stuf, hehe) and after a while, i came to realise that : the world is really ugly in comparison to when my mum was a kid. i'm serious?!?! is rubbish everywhere a beautiful sight? are stick thin models with ribs sticking out beautiful? are dead newborns lying on the side of the road an awesome sight? don't you think its just really really sad? i think so.

    anyway, gimme a response ppl! ghosties.. whoever u are.. other than sammie, philly n ivan... lol.. byee..

    1 comment:

    Sammy said...

    that goes to show how lovely the world was before generations like ours came to live... that's why i appreciate mountains in New Zealand and the lovely rivers in dunno where so badly!!! oh how fast things change in so little years...