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    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    running the risks

    what a day.. i know its only 4.43pm now, but i feel like its gone by already... anyway.. went to church this morning but could barely concentrate cause it was too cold.. tze quan can testify to that.. haha.. then ate at the cafeteria in church.. waited for my dad to come pick us up and went to the restaurant when he did... ate some more when we got there cause we didn't have enough to eat at church, i felt anyway so we had kfc.. very fattening.. erk! haha.. anyway then came home n took a nap.. woke up n did my homework.. bleagh.. then here i am writing in my blog.. as the bible doth says : sunday is a day of rest. well, okay so it doesn't say that but it says u gotta rest some time right?? haha.. so i guess that this is my resting time eh.. oops i gotta go my good friend philly want me to check out an article he sent to me. toodles!

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