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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    all the small things

    okay, i know yesterday's entry was really happy right? scrub that, today is so sucky. i'm waititng to go to school now so i decided to post whats wrong with my life right at this moment now. just to let go of it.

    1. my best friend likes the guy i like and guess what he likes her (surprise surprise)
    2. kenny asked yi lyn to dance for church dedication which means i'm not good enough for him
    3. i want to be a designer but my dad says i should do something that 'uses my brains'
    4. my brother and my sister are smarter than me
    5. the OTHER guy i like is not talkingto me and i don't know why
    6. all these problems seem petty compared to what others have suffered

    see, my life is perfect. i gotta go.


    zealous said...

    hmm... yi lyn's dancing for church dedication? wow.. bt hey.. it doesnt mean tat u rn't good enough... mayb ur turn wil come leh... everyone is good in their own ways... like Ps Daniel said : "Everyone is wonderfully made by God" n please.. u r still young.. n.. don lyk many guys at once... like one, n stick to that ya...

    katie*lovely* said...

    lol.. thanks ivan.. haha.. since when did u start reading my blog? lol. see u in church.. thanks again.

    Sammy said...

    hey girl.

    well, to make you feel better.. these are some of the things in my life that truly is horrible.. but i agree with ivan though.. like one guy and stick to that.

    1. the guy i like..... * i think you know the storyline*

    2. my grades aren't that good either girl..

    3. i've got so many things to say but so little sleepovers to go to to actually blurt it all out..=(

    *xx*Nicole*xx* said...

    do u like ivan ?? neways, meybe if you were less self defeating you wud get sum where.. just keep praying and believing.. who cares what your parents think??? if its sonething that u really like(designing) then go for it!! use the sky as your limit my dear.

    katie*lovely* said...

    thank you nicole my dahling... btw, i care what my parents think! :p sky's the limit.. and you. quit being mad at everyone!