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    Monday, December 25, 2006


    hey people, here are some of the pictures from dbd and the past holiday.. loads, so enjoy!
    this is michel and the gang being scary. this is khai and marcia. lol!

    auntie lee choo!
    sammie n me!justin and ronnie. @.@ michelle proctor and her powerpuff girls -
    mel and sammie, they went home early.

    the long house of dbd! :D

    dillon, may gan, sammie, joanna, me, christine and marcia! *mwaks babes (and boy)*

    Friday, December 22, 2006

    this is princess! she's my dog. this pic was taken a while back. i decided to finally reveal her to the world! wakaka.. i sound deranged don't i? oh well.. when we first got her, she could fit through the square grills in the gate. now, only her head fits. @.@ it seems like just yesterday she could fit under my arm. now.. well, if i tried to carry her now, i'd probably fall down and be crushed under her weight.. and then die.. X.X

    anyway.. yeah.. i've got nothing better to do.. here r some pics when my mom's good friend auntie peng came back..

    first, thats when i went out with my grandma to watch happy feet! *sho cute* so anyway. thats me, sara, my grandma and my mom in front of the fountain at the curve.. this is a nice pic..

    thats aunty peng's daughter, amy. she's nice. :D and sara and me.
    gotta go!

    Thursday, December 21, 2006

    the story teller

    sometimes i sit down and i think that i'm not actually there. its kind of weird to explain. its like you're looking down n yourself and watching your own story unfold before your eyes. but you don't know what happens next. i look at the situations i'm facing but its like i'm not really there... i guess you guys probably think i'm crapping right? haha.. maybe i am.. i honestly don't know how to explain all this.. its like i'm in this alternate universe where i'm watching myself live and berate myself for the shtupit things i do *kee kee*. ahh.. don't know how to explain it.. anyway...

    i want.. a waffle. from waffle. belgian waffle. with vanilla ice cream. YUM.

    but thenn.. i need to exercise. getting fat again. T.T anyone wanna go swimmin with me? i don't like the gym. maybe i should go dance. but no more classes. ew. the winx look like their heads are too big. O.O anyway. i really want a waffle. i heard that if u get a craving, u should paint ur nails. by the time ur nails have dried, your craving would have gone away. but i don't have any nail polish. @.@ ehat shall i do?

    eat somemore. good idea.

    oh. and i think i'm getting addicted to the internet. @.@ i should find something else to do. ngiuu.. like.. like..

    homework? nah.

    housework? nah.

    more internet? yeah sounds good to me.


    Tuesday, December 19, 2006


    let's pretend you're mine.

    we can just pretend.

    you got what i like.

    you got what i like, i got what you like.

    oh, come on.

    just one taste and you want more.

    so tell me what you're waiting for.

    whatever life holds.

    we'll face it together.

    take my hand.

    i'll hold you forever.

    in love we'll see the truth.

    Monday, December 18, 2006

    me n nicole on her carpet at her house.. lol.. marcia was all "CLEAVAGE!!!!!" when she saw this pic.. shh marcia! my secret! anyway.. lol.. i was just thinking the other day and i was like, wow, how long have nicole and i been friends? 10 years now? we met in ballet.. and we've gone on trips to singapore together *with our families of course*.. to watch dance productions.. even right here in Kl we've gone to watch dance productions.. we've performed together.. i know her house like the back of my hand and she knows mine.. i know her best *and worst* habits.. well, almost all of them anyway.. lol.. and she likes sour stuff.. i like sweet.. she likes chick flicks while i like novels and such.. and yeah, she likes to put makeup and i don't.. lol i can't tahan stage makeup.. yucky yuck yuck.. i guess everyday makeup isn't so bad but its too much trouble.. lol.. well.. yeah.. i was just reminiscing.. nikki biatch.. love ya baby... and ya gotta know it *in the immortal words of marcia*! counting the minutes till u get home from kk..

    Iko Anak Tuhan

    mua ha ha.. i took this from emilyn's blog..
    Iko Anak Tuhan

    Ui menani
    Ngacehku awa
    Luk pangeh bire
    Kuan ulun ku
    Yesus pinate ku libal sala ku

    Ui ngedita
    Ngacehku awa
    Luk pangeh bire
    Kuan ulun ku
    Yesus pinate ku libal sala ku

    Ui ngedita
    Ngadan mu
    Ngaceh ku iko anak Tuhan
    Ui pian ngubur namu
    Ngaceh ku iko lun mengulun
    Ui ngedita
    Ngadan mu
    Ngaceh ku iko anak Tuhan
    Ui menani
    Ui ngubur
    O...ngadan mu.

    booooootyfull song.. lol..

    Sunday, December 17, 2006

    drunk before dawn

    wow.. what a long weekend that was.. drunk before dawn is now over in kl and is going to sabah! some of them are going today and the rest are going tomorrow.. last night was the last night and the crew had to give bouquets to the composers, lyricists, directors, bla bla bla.. and guess what? i panicked. big time. okay, timothy ng came out late and then chanette came out at the wrong time so i panicked and was left standing on the stage feeling stupid. AARGH.. >< well.. i guess these thing do 'appen innit? lol.. i got alot of good pics of the cast n crew... i'll post them the next time i learn how to upload them from the camera into the computer.. lol.. my brother knows, i have to get him to teach me..

    you know what? the real Raut's grandson was here. what a testimonial. he's a drummer for the orchestra. i don't know what his name is though. darn! anyway. and then the dayung's grandson, Rommie, was in the musical as well. he's so nice! i got a pic of him dancing around haha.. i think there should be a pic of him in the dbd official website.. let me check..

    yay! i found one. that's Rommie. last night he asked me how old i was and his eyes popped when he found out i was fourteen haha... well.. he gave me some valuable advice.. he said,"anyone can 'be there'. but to be there and maintain that is difficult and takes work. keep it up." and you know what? he's 31 years old! he so does not look 31 years old! i thought he was maybe, 23 years old or something. anyway.. i hope he gets home well. i hope to see him again and to talk to him again. goodbye Rommie! it was nice meeting you.

    okay. anyway, what else happened.. hmm.. oh yeah, mee gee gave me a pressie for christmas! she gave one to everyone. its a butterfly thingy. i'll put in the pic, its really pretty. then melissa(aide two) gave us all sweets *so sweet of her!* and pastor lee choo gave us teddy bears! i thought that was cute. i'll put in all the pics later lah. hahah gotta wait for my brother to come home from work first.

    oh yes! did i mention how much fun it is giving Kal Ter a hard time? its sooo fun!! mua ha ha ha ha... Kal Ter, if you read this, you'll prolly conveniently forget to invite us to your wedding hahahaha... okay i've gotta go now.. mom wants to take us to hartamas shopping centre or someting like that.. :D so now i have to take a shower.. haha.. *shtinky-poo*

    oh, did i mention that today was the latest ever i slept? i woke up at 11.10am.. well, i only got to sleep around 2.30am last night.. so i got excuse right? haha.. buai..

    Thursday, December 14, 2006


    look the doggie's tushie is up!!!!


    will you be my fwen.. ? O.O

    mummy, mummy, lookie what i found!

    i'll share this bone with you if you give me a thousand bucks now.

    i just can't get enough of these. ^^

    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    the note in my dream

    "Kate! here."

    you come up to me and hand me a note. red and blue paper. i open it. it says :

    'it was quiet. no one was with me. all was dark. nothing but the light of the computer to guide my eyes through your musings. i read through your emotions. through all that you thought. all that was in that pretty head of yours.

    i liked it. and then i read what you thought of me. how you felt for me. and i thought..

    maybe i could love you too."

    i looked up and you were there. leaning closer to me.

    "wake up."


    "wake up."

    so close we almost touch.. your lips almost brush against mine.. and then..


    i jerked awake. awwwwwww mannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crap crap crap.

    what a way to start the day. -.-


    this kitty looks mad.






    Monday, December 11, 2006

    christmas time is coming!

    aah.. christmas time.. the time of going from house to house for dinners, the time for giving and receiving, the time for kissing under the mistletoe, the time for celebrating the birth of Christ. i like christmas. kids like christmas for the presents. couples like christmas because they have even more of an excuse to make out. restauranteurs like christmas because they make a whole lot more business then. mothers like christmas because the whole family comes together. fathers like christmas.. well, i don't know if they do. :P maybe its for the presents as well.

    i like christmas. why? maybe its because i get presents! of course, who doesn't love them. haha... or maybe its because i get to kiss someone under mistletoe! except, ya know, that hasn't happened yet, not once in 14 years. i have et for that to happen. maybe its the way everyone in the family gathers to eat, drink and be merry. well. they stay at your house until 1 o clock in the morning and those relatives who have been away for a long time look at you and tell you how tall you are and how pretty you are now and why don't you have a boyfriend yet and why don't you eat somemore.. -.- i hate that part.. otherwise, i don't mind.

    so what is it about christmas that i like? i love the atmosphere, i love the tree, i love the time of the year! i just love it. its so fun. parties, church, people. yeah. i love christmas. :D

    you know, being alone on christmas sucks. but you don't have to be. go and crash everyone's house, grab some friends and crash the mall! guaranteed fun.

    who wants to watch eragon? let's go on christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    are we growing up or just getting old?

    today was the last official NSt service of 2006 and andy koko shared today. he went a little off the title above, going more into respect and love. he asked what he meant by 'growing up' and 'getting old'. to me, growing up would mean getting more mature, a little bit wiser everyday, a little bit more experienced every moment. getting old is just a number, and it could mean you're aging without any real experience, without knowing what love is and how to love. anyway. after a while, andy koko pointed out 1 corinthians 13, 'love is patient love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast...' i'm pretty sure u guys all know it, right. then he asked us to replace the word 'love' with our name. and we were laughing while we did and andy koko askede us why we laughed and we didn't really have answer for that and he told us, its because we know its not true. then he said to replace the word 'love' with the name of Jesus. and that made perfect sense to me. Jesus is perfect. He is love. it makes sense! it makes sense to me. so grow into that. grow into love and let love consume you, letit just swallow you whole. only God's love is so big, so great, so amazing, it can do that. it seems impossible. i thought it was. but its not.

    i came to know the Lord in sunday school when i was, i don't know, 7 yrs old? anyway, i just thought church was something fun, something just to fill my time. i was okay in my first three years of primary school. when i went into standard four, things started to change for me, coz when you're standard four, boys start to look better, people start to be cooler, and you just wanna fit in. by standard six, i had back slidden so so much. not to say people hated me, but nobody really liked me and i had no idea who my real friends were. i had no sense of self. i cried myself to sleep almost every night. i swore all the time, i felt filthy. almost every kid in school had seen 'da finger'. i came home every night, a liar, a filthy liar. how could God love someone so filthy? then there was the time my parents almost had a divorce. i was devastated. but that was the time that really shook me up. i had no where to go! i was tapped, the devil had me right where he wanted me. i would look at the knives in the kitchen, the pills in the medicine box and the razor in the bathroom. suicidal thought crossed my mind, day in and day out. but God intervened for me. where i had failed, He had succeeded and where i had fallen, He took my bruises for me. i turned to Him. and never had i felt so overwhelmed with peace, joy, and most of all, hope. hope was so great. it was just amazing. and thanks to supportive family, friends and leaders, here i stand today. i still fall, i still learn. but day by day, God helps me through by putting great people in my life. i am whole again.

    Monday, December 04, 2006

    getting sick really sucks:(

    yeeeaaap.. it sure does.. and it make khai worry alot too! haha.. super funny, we were talking with lynette and sammie(who are also sick) online and khai kept putting in big letters 'get better soon!' tonight its since 1991's party! i'm feeling better now, i hope i survive. lol. then gotta go for dbd after that. and before the party, i have to go for ballet! sei lah.. :/ ooh, we got a new camera!!!! super cool.. now i cam. whore alot.. haha.. i should post some pictures but i don't know how.. hahah.. i should get me dad to do for me.. anyway.. i don't know what to write.. not much happening other than the super late nights at dbd practice.. we start at like, 8pm and finish at 12am.. its seriously crazy.. what more this crazy weather.. no wonder everyone is sick.. timothy, nicole, samantha, melissa, lynette, marcia.. me! sighz.. now we need kim to get sick, then it'll really be KNMSK! wakaka.. ish.. khai no answering me.. he says he blogs everyday.. i tell you now, khai, after a month you won't want to blog for a while.. haha.. same thing here wadd.. i updated mine everyday, but now i only update it once in a while.. haha.. oh snap.. i think i'm going to geta cold sore from blowing my nose so often.. shucks.. i bit the inside of my cheek by accident yesterday.. it hurts ALOT.. and i've been drinking what feels like GALLONS of water since monday trying to ward off this cursed sore throat and IT DIDN'T WORK! grr.. anyway, according to mom, i haven't been drinking gallons, so i guess thats why lah. do you have any idea how many things i have to do now?! i have to take vitamin c, gargle listerine, take cough medicine, take cold tablets, and suck dequadin(its like strepsils, but tastes nicer). so tedious.. sigh.. i guess its worth it if i get better.. grr, i think its going to rain.. this accursed weather.. making ppl sick.. it was so hot one hour ago and now the sky is rolling with thunder.. the sun is still out though.. this is truly weather gone mad.. grr.. i think i should go take in the clothes.. byee! :D