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    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    hb to me.

    happy birthday to me. :)

    Thursday, July 19, 2007



    i happy. :P

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    ooh its picture time. :D


    deal with it! XD
    i, personally, think we're cool! nicole was sleeping, in case you're wondering where she is.
    you know you love me. :D

    Monday, July 16, 2007


    ok. i've been busy being emo the last two posts that i didn't think of ranting about transformers. now is my time! XD

    first off, it was amazing, ok. it was just spectacular. the movie of the year. shia lebeouf is SO HOT. i'm in love with him, i'm gonna marry him someday. the graphics were worth phoo yoeing at. i LOVE michael bay. i almost wrote michael buble. XD i love you too michael buble! but michael bay is more awesome. :P

    megan fox looks like angelina jolie! i'm serious. watch making the movie on mtv and you will so agree with me. shia was SO HOT in the making. wakakak. his lips are so nice. :D

    i'm gonna watch again this friday with sook ning and marcia!! hahaha... so i'm gonna go deaf again when i come out. seriously, isaac and i went deaf when we came out of the cinema. inessa was just learning how to breathe again. :P

    ode to megan fox (for scott) :

    excellent features :
    1. haunting eyes
    2. toned stomach (makes boys drool)
    3. can actually act (O.O)
    4. great legs
    5. great arms
    6. great lips
    7. great hair
    8. excellent rear end
    9. sexy voice
    10. attractive torso (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

    ode to shia (for moi) :

    oh shaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    joo make me happiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee
    i drooooooooolll
    be maaaaiiiiiinnnnneeeee
    marry meeeeeeeeeee
    i adore jooooooooo

    ok i'll stop now. :D

    *covers self with protective layer against hordes of screaming crowds who are throwing rotten fruit at me for my horrible wailing*

    Friday, July 13, 2007


    the last post was an emo post, you guys. i'm allowed one every once in a lifetime, aren't i? but somehow i feel as if the two comments i have so far are judging me to be some sort of spoilt brat who doesn't know how to appreciate what life has given me. it made me feel really stupid and as if i asked for more than what i needed.

    i'm not asking for anything at all. i only needed to pour my heart out.

    maybe you guys didn't mean for the comments to sound that way, but it did come across like that to me. it kind of stung. like, as if i don't give things thought, as if i'm the kind who would want things to go my way all the time.

    just so you guys know, i'm not like that. i know i've got more going than all that. i just felt really really low. support and encouragement would have been nice. instead, i got text book answers and advice i cannot use.

    i truly appreciate the effort. and i know maybe now i sound like i'm really really ungrateful. but next time, when you guys decide to leave a comment, think about if you were going through the same situation and if that you guys would wanna hear those sort of things from others.

    my mom knows how i feel about school. we have talked it through. i know that if we cannot afford homeschooling for me after pmr (yes charissa, obviously if i change schools, it will only be after pmr. i do give these things thought), that i will have to continue at assunta and i am willing to accept that. financially, we aren't too well off, we have enough to get by and i thank God for that. but if its in His will for me to go somewhere else, that would be awesome. if its not, i'll just have to stick it out. i'm stronger than this and i know it. you don't seem to think so.

    and about my brother? yeah, i know that i don't understand what he goes through. he takes most of our crap. its just, you know, i never (hardly) complain about my siblings. this was a one off. it probably won't happen again or it may, but between extremely long periods of time. i am grateful for what i have.

    why am i sitting here and explaining this to you? because i don't like people getting the wrong impression of me. and anyway, i was planning to explain myself. but it seems like alot of people don't really care and the ones that do don't really think.

    but thanks.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    seeing white

    i feel like i've been gone a really long time. as if anything i do nowadays doesn't really have a meaning to it. its just random, everyday stuff that keeps coming towards me and i have no other choice than to look it in the eye and face it. i don't know why. its a really weird feeling.

    sometimes its as if i'm someone else watching this girl with my name, my face, my life living it out and sometimes i wanna shout to her and tell her what to do then i wake up and i say hey, thats me. i'm living this life. is this really what i want to be doing about it?

    and i wake up everyday and say to myself, why am i going to a school that i don't like to be in, that i don't enjoy? i don't actually have any friends there other than anysa and i can't constantly depend on her for the rest of my schooling life because she's going to another school next year. i wanna be able to wake up everyday and say, hey! i wanna go to school. i want to see my friend(S). i want those kind of thoughts so bad but somehow they don't come.

    family life is good. the exception there is is my brother. i love him and all but at times it just feels like he hates me or something. like he wishes i wasn't there, like he wants me to just get lost, you know? and when it comes to MY friends, its like he hates me for just being friends with them. can i help it if i love you guys? i don't say much about his friends. in fact, i LIKE his friends. and some of his friends are mine too. i mean, i understand that, yeah, i'm his little sister and all, but i am human too. and we share the same house, parents, littlest sister, blood and flesh. i wish he'd appreciate me more, the way i do. its hard.

    i feel lost in motion. like things are moving so slowly but way too quickly all at the same time and i have no power over it.

    its difficult right now. but i'm counting on You to help me back up on my feet. sometimes i have doubts - yes i do - but i will always have my faith.

    the devil won't be able to steal my hope, kill my joy and destroy my faith.
    i won't let him.

    Monday, July 09, 2007


    omg omg omg. i am in absolute and utter shock.

    but its time to face the bitter truth.


    you know you know those ones with the white heels and the red and white stripes with a beige sole and that teeny rubber thingy at the end of the heel thats beige too and her feet are DISGUSTINGLY hideous there are veins all over them and they're spilling out of those gorgeous shoes and they're MINE!

    omg omg.

    it was - in a word - WEIRD.

    anyway. i'm tired. toodles! with oodles of canoodles.

    did i mention my mom made spaghetti bolognaise tonight? YUMMY!

    Friday, July 06, 2007



    i'm melting. i can feel it.

    just now, i finshed the ice in the box so i filled the ice trays again. that usually takes about three minutes. when i came back, the ice in my water was gone. GONE.


    i ahm dying. its like 110 degrees here or something.

    (french for "please kill me")

    i wanted to say something else, but i've forgotten now.

    ahh, sod it. i'm turning british.

    Monday, July 02, 2007


    have you guys seen le enrique inglesias video, "do you know what it feels like? (the ping pong song)"?

    its utterly ridiculous.

    in the first part, there're scenes of him canoodling on a teeny couch with his beloved. how come she's been undressed down to her lacy underwear and he's still fully clothed? hello!


    oh look, doodles is on. :D

    anyway. moving on. then there's the part where she gets hit by a car. she walks onto the street (and she looked left just before she went out, by the way), casually strolls into the middle of the road and, oh no, here come the screeching car (which is going WAY to slowly to be able to hit anyone) and all she does is put her hands up like she's being arrested. she might as well have marched out onto that road, spread out her arms and yelled "HIT ME!"

    and then there's the stupid running through the woods part.


    obviously if there was a cliff there, she would know better than to walk backwards. and she's WILLINGLY falling okay. suicide in front of your lover, how romantic. and he's just STANDING there like a dungu, watching her back away until the last moment when she is grinning from ear to ear and letting herself be pulled down by gravity. stupid or what mann!

    okay. i'm done ranting. :D

    say love!

    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    i just realized that pigs and geese/ducks go very well together.

    no. not when you eat them together!

    i mean in movies. think about it! babe the pig had a white duck for a friend in the city. and then in charlotte's web, the pig also had a goose!

    weirrdd! :P