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    Thursday, April 30, 2009


    "My baby's pretty as a car crash ; Sexy as a stinger of a hornet in your arm ; Just another modern swinger, singin' ; "Catch me if you can" ; With a cigarette in hand and it's love." - The Pink Spiders, Modern Swinger.

    Eek, so exams are coming up.
    But as far as I'm concerned, I need new music. D:

    I downloaded The Pink Spiders the other day (thanks Raksasa!) and they're totally addictive. :D
    I just downloaded 3OH!3's album (They're the ones with "Don't Trust Me" in case you peeps don't know). It's pretty crappy, only Don't Trust Me is worth a listen. ): I was hoping for more energetic insanely addictive music!!! Instead, the rest of the songs are full of strange sounds and bad words for lack of better vocabulary. Oh, and their song titles are all spelt wrongly. @.@ On purpose.

    LAAAAAAME. Ooh, a better song is playing now.
    It's a ballad. HAHAHAHA.

    Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Night. (:

    Sunday, April 26, 2009


    "She's such a teaser ; She's such a star." - Scouting For Girls, She's So Lovely.

    So I didn't go to school today.
    I left the house too late. XD
    I still have my work cut out for me. ;p
    I have to finish my moral, my art and my tuition homework.
    I also have to babysit.
    NOT THE FISH. ;p
    Megan's little brother, Jin.
    He is a small ball of never ending questions and irritance.
    But he's cute. He's not as irritating as he was a year ago. But then, alot has changed for him since then.
    Not so lucky, eh? XDD

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    BIG 3 OH.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TABBY! ;p Even if this is four days late. XD

    Friday, April 24, 2009


    "You're like perfection." - Sober, Pink.

    The heat is MURDER. I don't even care about my fat-ness right now, I just want COLD stuff. Ice cream, cold oreos with cold milk, cold pepsi. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    At least I don't look as badly burnt as I did last week. ;p I don't think I do anyway, I'm gradually turning back to my original colour.
    Exams are happily a-coming, and I have to study for this one. D: This is insane. It's already mid term. GAH!
    Anyway, I must go try work of all those cold pleasures. XD BAI!

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009


    Hope these bring fond memories, Nysa. (:
    "It's not fair, cause you're not here." - When Will I See Your Face Again, Jamie Scott and the Town.

    Monday, April 20, 2009


    "I don't never ever wanna hear you say goodbye ; I want you so much that I just can't resist you ; It's not enough to say that I miss you." - The Veronicas, Untouched.

    Just a weird thought. Or a few.
    There's this one part in Circus where Britney says "ringleader" and when saying the "l", her tongue goes up to her top lip. It's odd. I tried saying it out loud doing that and it came out "ringmeader".
    And there's this one part where she tries to look really sexy, but she looks.. Weird. And manly.
    Another thought. I was watching Paris Hilton's My New BFF, just to see what it was like. For all you know, it could have provided hours of endless entertainment, right?
    Evidently, her idea of a best friend is one who can bring home as many boys as possible. Uhm, okay.
    There was this one girl who kept saying her grandfather was the King of Hollywood, or something like that. Lemme Google that.
    Clark Gable.
    So anyway, there she is dropping the fact that she's CLARK GABLE'S granddaughter, and that CLARK GABLE would be so proud of her and how she comes from CLARK GABLE'S family of morals and high standards..
    And then while she's saying that exact line, there's a clip of her lighting up and knocking back a few vodkas and lime.

    Gawd, it's way too hot. This heat is unbearable. And there's no use getting your hopes up whenever it LOOKS like its about to rain, coz it spills three drops, and thats it. The sky says, "ALRIGHT PEEPS, THATS YOUR RATION FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS! Yikes.
    Ice cream and ice is your best friend right now. So is the air conditioning and the mall.
    However, upcoming exams force you to stay indoors and slog your way through workbooks and exercises. And heat.

    We had a 2 hour BM seminar today. Zi Lynn and I slept through half of it. Then right at the end, the dude gives us this brochure and says, "Come for our 10 hour seminar!!"
    Right. I can barely stay awake through a 2 hour one, and you expect me to go for a 10 hour one? Thanks, but no thanks.
    And you have to PAY. RM108 for 10 hours of sleep.
    Sokay, I can do that at home for free. ;p Not that I really sleep for 10 hours, but yeah.
    Kbai. (:

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    We Cry.

    "What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?" - The Script, Breakeven.

    Shush Girl.

    "I saw Haley's comet ; She waved ; She said, Why are you running in place ; Even the man on the moon disappears somewhere in the stratosphere." - Shinedown, Title Unknown.


    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand :DD

    Which is hell of alot better than last year, where we walked away with NOTHING.

    Congratulaaaaations, congratulaaaaations! ;p
    Francis also won for mascot, congrats Mal! You were super cute. ^^ And the deco team. (:

    Although, Alya Shahirah looked extra CUTE in the Hermine tractor thingamabob. -hides from Mal- XD

    I'm watching this documentary on aliens. This conspiracy theorist is on, and he's saying, "Everything bad that is happening on Earth can be explained by ALIENS."

    As if we humans have done no wrong.

    I was so tired today I skipped NST. :x SORRY.
    JUMPING JELLYBEANS, this alien show has an obese woman who claims a reptilian alien wanted to mate with her but then realised she was too fat. @.@
    My dad's so mean, when she said she got up from her bed screaming, the alien was probably screaming too. XDD
    OMG, lol.
    ANYSA CAME TODAY! I was so happy. ^^
    Biatch, she didn't tell me she was coming. And she blames me for not calling her!! PFFT ANYSA, PFFFFFFFFFFFFT. XD
    Melissa Choon has a hot cousin.
    Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of meeting him. ):
    BUT OH WELL. Some things are just not meant to happen. -syok sendiri- Lol.
    Okay, I'm going back to checking my mail and the alien show. XD Quite amusing, really.

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Gosh. I can't remember my title. o.o

    "I do love ; She does heartbreak ; I did love till she broke my heart." - Scouting For Girls, Heartbeat.

    My memory loss is excruciating. I need to start writing whatever I want to blog down.
    My computer's all wonky, the fonts have gone all weird, and everything that's not in bold has become Italic.

    Anyhoo, Sports Day is this Saturday. GOSH. I'm actually not scared like Alya and Krystal. I'm quite.. calm. All I REALLY want to do is have some fun. YAY!
    But it's difficult to have fun when you have a captain and a co-captain yelling at you, "AGAIN!" all day. =.=
    I'm not afraid to write this, coz I've told them they irritate me. So yeah.

    Apparently the teachers read our blogs.

    Lol. Don't worry, I don't bother writing anything bad about teachers here. Heck, I don't bother writing about teachers at all. Why write here when I can vent to my Mom, or my pillow? Hahaha! Much less trouble.

    Gawd, I'm tired. Tomorrow is FULL raptai, AUGH! All stunts must be perfected. Absolutely PERFECT. XDD But we are getting better, I must admit. At least Kat can go up without having to repeat the stunt three times. ;p


    Monday, April 13, 2009


    "There's just one thing that's getting in the way ; When we go up to bed, you're just no good, it's such a shame." - Lily Allen, Not Fair.

    Blame Nes, she gave me the album on my thumbdrive. xD

    There is so much chocolate in my fridge, it's not funny. Small easter eggs, big easter eggs, a small easter bunny and a big block of Cadbury chocolate.
    I swear, Aunty Peng wants to make us fat. =.=

    Somehow.. Appealing. XD

    Saturday, April 11, 2009


    "Red and purple lipstick all over the sheet ; B-b-b-bruises ; Cover your arms ; And the best thing is that nobody knows ; Just another girl ; Alone at the bar." - 3Oh!3, Don't Trust Me.

    Jesus is alive. (:


    Knock Knock by Lenka.

    A favourite of mine from her. (: It's in my playlist I think, try the bottom of the list.

    A second, a minute, and hour, a day goes by.
    I´m hopin' just to be by your side.
    I´m turnin' the handle
    it won't open.
    Don't make me wait, cause right now I need your smile.

    Knock Knock
    When life had locked me out, I turned to you
    so open the door.
    Cuz' you're all I need right now it´s true.
    Nothin' works like you.

    Little louder x3 knockin'
    Little louder [x2]

    A warm bath, a good laugh, an old song that you know by heart.
    I've tried it but they all leave me cold.
    So now I´m here waiting to see you,
    my remedy for all that's been hurting me.


    You seem to know the way
    to turn my frown upside down
    you always know what to say
    to make me feel like everything's ok.

    Little louder x3 knockin' [x3]
    Little louder [x2]

    [Chorus x2]

    Little louder x3 knockin'
    Nothin' works like you, oh oh
    Little louder x3 knockin'


    KL Photo Awards.

    That's for you, Nes, about the KL Photo Awards workshops. It's on our photoblog too. ^^

    Thursday, April 09, 2009


    "An old song that you know by heart." - Lenka, Knock Knock.

    I'm really tired right now. Gosh.
    Well, Tuako's back! Quite excited about seeing her. (: I wish Uncle Angelo came with her though, I miss him so much. I think I haven't seen him in like, more than three years.
    Yeah, definitely more than three years.
    So yeah. Tomorrow we're going to the BRA lady, my mom calls it. HAHA.
    No more on that, else the boys shall cringe.

    Is it so difficult to be nice to people? Whether they've done bad or good. Everyone deserves a second chance right? I mean, sure, you can say that you don't care about this person because they're nothing but a nuisance, but still. It's really not hard to be nice to someone. And it won't kill you to not say anything about their past. Certainly, much trouble has been brought upon us because of them, and I admit that I'm rather irritated by it, by I'll do what I can to forget all this hullabaloo and just get on with it.
    SO BE NICE PEOPLE. It's not too hard.

    I HAVE LENKA'S ALBUM. Thank you Nessa ^^
    <3 It's super nice. I am officially a Lenka fan.
    Bai peeps. Sleepiness.

    Sunday, April 05, 2009


    "2 parts GOOOOOOOOOOD-looking! Wait, 4 parts." - Tyson Ritter, All American Rejects.

    So I have this worst enemy.
    Except.. You know, I don't HAVE any enemies.
    Soo.. This person doesn't exist.

    Anyway, moving on. I'm so not going to school tomorrow. It's Maulidur Rasul and they're gonna cart the Moral students off to the hall for some talk or Moral crap. I don't know. I REFUSE TO GOOOOOO!

    Lol. The new Windows Messenger is SUPER weird. Sara insisted on installing it and now I tak faham. n.o What do the little coloured squares at the side mean? And how do I check who's who? I can't check the e mail. WEIRDD. I don't know how. ):

    OMG! Rafi Gevron is super sexy. Hang on, lemme see if I can find a pic of this hot saucepot.

    Rafi Gavron <3

    Rafi Gavron and Aaron Yoo. Aaron Yoo is actually 30 this year. Insane right?! Rafi is 20.

    Rafi, Aaron Yoo and Michael Cera in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.
    OH RAFI! ;p

    Anyway, on to the post about Death and Ghosts! Or NST'S very own D&G, as I like to call it XD
    It was really good! All that work definitely paid off. Everyone said that the deco was really good and looked professional and stuff, but I swear, you guys should have seen it when all the light were on. Tze Quan and I were so depressed!! It looked pathetic. D: But then we turned off the house lights and turned on the coloured lights and it looked GOOD, so that was okay. (: Tze Quan and I spent quite a while putting bubble wrap under the black cloth aisle, which was kind of WASTED, because they opened the OTHER doors, instead of the ones where the black cloth started. Pfft!! It was supposed to have this bones-cracking effect when the people stepped on them. It actually really worked, we tested it out a bit before and was GOOD, but then wasted.
    ON THE OTHER HAND, I put out 135 chairs, and there weren't enough chairs. INSANITY!! We didn't expect SOO many people to come, and I think almost 200 people turned up. Already our sanctuary shrank because of the murder scene, LAGI that many people showed up. It was pretty insane, but praise God! ^^ Ps. Dan was so happy.
    Krystal, Mallini and Carima came, yay!! Zi Lynn didn't make it ): Neither did Arleena, Debbie and Mishi.
    Anyhoo, it went really well, though I came home kind of spooked. I went to sleep and woke up at 2am feeling EXTREMELY creeped out, but I sang a song and eventually got back to sleep at 3am. Sara happily slept like a log, I'm so jealous. D:
    So all in all, despite everything that happened, I had a pretty good week last week, Though I'm really glad it's over.
    Sports Day is next week. D:

    Friday, April 03, 2009

    Let go, Get over, Move on.

    "Everything is f'ed up straight from the heart ; Tell me what do you do when it all falls apart ; Gotta pick myself up, where do I start ; Coz I can't turn to you when it all falls apart." - The Veronicas, When It All Falls Apart.

    Soo last night was probably one of the worst nights of my life so far. I know this sounds super dramatic, but in a way, it was kind of life changing.
    Last night I lost a friend.
    She's not dead.
    But she seems to be. I don't know her anymore.
    I'm probably dead to her too.
    I didn't understand how she could sit there stony faced when we were "talking". She was doing most of the talking, but's that's never been different. I was blubbing (I do that alot ;p) and I knew I would. I didn't know how she couldn't understand how I felt. It kind of struck me that probably she didn't care anymore. It hurts.
    But I've accepted that she's moved on from me. That's okay.
    I still love her, and I'll still always support her. It's gonna be WEIRD from now on, but I think it'll be okay.
    This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. So far in my life, anyway.
    I can only hope for the best for her in her own life. In the meantime, I have to get on with my own.

    I need you guys. And I need you to do me a favor.
    Don't ask me if I'm okay about it, because I won't be for a while. Treat me like you would normally, I would appreciate that. If I want to tell you about it, I will. If I don't, then I don't.
    Thanks guys. (:
    I still love you.
    God bless.