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    Monday, October 30, 2006

    fairy tales

    once upon a time,

    in a land far far away, there lived a young girl who dreamed of princes and castles, butterflies and love. unfortunately,


    this is the real world baby. hahah.. yeah yeah, i'm tht fairy tale girl.. i'll continue with it later, i have to go now. i was just.. being random. :P

    Friday, October 27, 2006


    they say that love is the most beautiful of dreams and also the worst of nightmares. shakespeare said this. or at least the one on hallmark did!

    the hardest thing to govern is the heart. queen elizabeth on hallmark.

    " there's this thing thats coming against me and no matter what defences i put up, it just keeps coming! whats it called?"
    amy and maxine gray, judging amy, hallmark

    we love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

    don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

    today is a trace surviving the past of all my hurts and fears reality's ugly face appears every pain that i denied now echoes loud and clear today. relic, pastor kay.

    you've truly blessed me and so many others by your extravagant smiles and friendship. thanks so much for blessing me. keep in touch and God bless. rachel ng, narrowstreet.

    you sleeping dy? ... k la sorry to disturb your beauty sleep :P. by the way your a good friend kate. :) philly, narrowstreet.

    its times like these when i think of you and i wonder if you ever think of me.. vanessa carlton, a thousand miles.

    i don't want another pretty face i don't want just anyone to hold i don't want my love to go to waste i want you and your beautiful soul.. jesse mccartney, beautiful soul.

    i got whipped! jesse metcalfe, john tucker must die.

    don't get mad. get even. john tucker must die.

    i don't wave to people, people wave to me. spoilt brat, america, my super sweet sixteen.

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    treasures in my heart

    hey unfaithful i will teach you to be stronger to be strong
    hey ungraceful i will teach you to forgive one another
    hey unloving i will love you i will love you

    these words gave me a glimmer of hope when i was feeling really down a couple of days ago. this song is by underoath (the name of the song escapes me) and i was so encouraged by it i just cried and cried and tears just ran down my face freely as i thought, God is this really possible that you could teach me these things? and there was this amazing dawning that came down on me that yeah, this really could happen. for the past few weeks i'd been feeling empty and there was just nothing in me anymore. like, poof! eveything gone.

    i guess that i had been emotionally drained over quite a few things and the fact that i failed my history (damn!) was the last straw. after that i just stopped feeling anymore, i ws so tired of it. but i'm glad that that song brought me back to where i am now and who i will be soon.

    well, now, dbd is coming soon! and its going to kk too! although, i may not be going. if there's not enough money, then i'll have to pay for my own plane ticket and sleep in the apartment lounge of pastor kay and michelle proctor. don't be scared ppl, this isn't some sort of military camp. hahah.. but then, honestly, i'm kinda scared of sleeping alone, especially in the lounge. yeah, i have this thing about sleeping and even being alone. its freeeeaaakay... in the words of sammiee.. lol..

    i guess it'll be okay right? haha.. after all, i've got God! yay meee... haah.. well, it started a couple of years ago when i watched this horror movie and i wasn't able to sleep for ages and ages. even now sometimes i can't sleep. i don't know why.. kinda silly, huh? lol.. nvm, i'm getting over it already.. probably it'll take what, two more years? hahaha.. oops okay i gtg! owh yah, there's this line from bring it on tht i like.. its by these black girls who r seriously hot so it has their names in it.. i thought it was catchy though.. lol..

    my name is letti (yeah)
    i like to party (yeh)
    when i shake it (yeah)
    the boys say 'aye mami!

    my name's camille (yeah)
    give you three wishes (yeah)
    when i shake it (yeah)
    i'm delicious

    my name's kareesha (yeah)
    (i forgot this part) (yeah)
    when i shake it (yeah)
    its like an earthquake

    hot right? hahah.. byee!

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    loose lips sink ships

    so many things seem to have happened even over the weekend! in a span of two days so many things can spring up and get crushed. haha.. well.. right now i'm watching desperate house wives cause there's nothing much to watch.. last saturday was really good.. cell with may gan is really fun cause we talk alot.. eeee my mummy is trying to tickle meeee!! nuuu.... ;p anyway as i was saying.. don't you just love talking i love talking talking is so fun don't you think i could just talk all day long and yes right now i'm going high.. haha.. ooh guess what?! i'm in the SIB calender! okay so its a crappy picture tht was from what, two three years ago in kidzone and well, there's one big group of us, like nicole is there, tze quan, koko andy and all.. but still, i'm in the calender! yay meee... then there's this big pic of ivan there haha.. so yeah we're all famous.. except philly n sammie aren't there.. =( owh welll... hopefully nxt year they might... lol!

    omg i never quite realised tht desperate housewives was sooo dramatic! *tsk tsk* hahaha.. well yesterday my brother put on one tree hill on dvd and there was this episode tht was based on the columbine shooting. predictable but it was good. it started with this kid who was one of the 'fat asses' of the school and u know how the 'fat asses' of the schools or even those considered to be of 'lower class' in comparison to the jocks , cheerleaders, yadayada u guys know the story, well, u guys know how they get bullied and pushed around right? yeah, so this one guy cracks one day and he brings a gun to school. so he walks into the school like any other day to find these losers (jocks) crapping up his locker and throwing everything out and messing it up (so immature!) and he just gets mad so he takes his gun out and tries to shoot but everyine ducks and he shoots glass. only a few students see him and he himself hides out with some other students, students who were supposed to be his friends last time. so they don't know he's got the gun until nathan comes to save haley, who is stuck with them. then this kid panics and locks the door and brings out his gun. then comes a whole series of self confessions. and i only saw up to there so i dunno what happened. but there's something the kid said tht got me. he said : "tell me when was the last time you ignored someone who wasn't up to your standard? when was the last time you bullied someone without bothering to find out about him? or did u even care? you think about tht and then u tell me if there's anyone else out there?"

    tht really got me thinking and i guess tht, hey, we've all done tht right? so i was thinking, hey, why don't we try to get to know these people properly? you never know, you might actually find tht these ppl are really worth while. they may not be all that, but they are real. not like those fakers out there who just wanna be popular. thts not real. this is the real world. so yeah.

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    egg heads

    DARYL IS BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.... omg i can't wait to see it when we go to kk! it'll be hilarious... we hv a few egg heads in church too.. of course the infamous CHRIS N SAMUEL WEE! hahahaha.. but now chris says tht he has a pimple on his head.. may gan checked it and guess wat?!?! there was hair growing out of it!!!! gross!! hahah... well i thought it was pretty gross and pretty cool at the same time.

    owh, and nicole's swelled up toe is swollen no more! how did it get swollen? well, all those who read this blog would know, but i'm gonna write it down anyway! :D well, timothy was at nicole's house(this is his side of the story) and he took a kickapoo out of the fridge in her upstairs tv room. and then (according to tim) nicole, out of all greediness(according to tim!) tried to grab the kickapoo can from timothy and it slipped out of their hands and guess what? landed on her toe! *oooops* to this day i still wonder who's fault it was.. hm.. we may never know! :P anyway so now her toenail is no longer attached to her nail bed.. it looks kinda cool actually.. *erk*

    hahah.. okay i gotta go.. byee! owh and here's something the shakespeare from hallmark said : "the eyes are the window to the soul.. but sometimes we all need good window cleaners!" i agree!

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    wowee! seems like everything is going well for me all of a sudden. remember i was moaning and groaning about everything? lookie here! 5 minutes ago i was asked to dance for church dedication with yi lyn, i'm getting a bikini from the U.S. from my auntie, and guess what, me best friend is talking to me again! well, okay so the last one is no biggie but for me it is! :p

    and yay! PMR is over and now my PMR friends are free! lol, now i hv to wait for SPM to finish before i can rejoice for my bro. he and his friends (eg. khye shin, joshua) are gonna be having a cookout at the end of the year. samantha and i were just messing around with the idea of a halloween party the other day. i think it'll be cool but i don't think it'll happen. owh well, we can dream can't we? lol! and i don't have to go to school today on account of the haze!!!!!! yay me!

    there is one more thing i would like to be able to fix now though. i have this friend of mine who i was close to but now we have grown apart because of unmentionablesss... anyway, i just hope i'll be able to become her friend again and be genuine to her. hopefully. i will try!! :p and, girl, you know who you are.

    gotta go!

    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    letter to God

    Dear God,

    hi there! how is heaven like? i wish i could know now so tht i would have a good picture of it. but i guess i'll have to make do with words from the Bible and images in my head for now. i wonder how You make space in Your head to think of every single person on earth. i mean, how?!?! i guess its something tht the human mind is unable to comprehend. but i do wonder abt it alot. i mean, wow. You must have a really really big head to be able to remember all of us. i know You've got a really big heart too!

    what do You think about all the stuff that's going on in church? in my church anyway. i know there are so many churches but what do you think of all the issues going on in my church? the hatred, the mutual disagreements and the walls between ppl. are You sad? i am. sometimes i think tht nothing will get better but then You always reassure me tht it will. i sure hope it will. i trust You. :) i guess that i will just have to cling on to the simple faith tht i have in You. sometimes thats all tht keeps me going.

    God, remember when i had bad days and i felt like i wanted to go and die? i'm sure You remember. but i gotta say, thank You for knocking me on the head and making me come to my senses. :) i've got to go and sleep now God. good night. i hope You rest too.

    I love You.

    love, kate

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    dreams and fantasies

    lol! don't we all have dreams and fantasies? mine are :

    1. go to a chocolate factory and sample EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
    2. wear the shoes Christina Aguilera wore in her video 'Ain't No Other Man'
    3. design and sew my own clothes
    3. buy a house and get a personal maid for my parents
    4. meet Jamie Oliver and have him cook for me (yay!)
    5. take my mum to meet Oprah Winfrey
    6. have the guy who i love sing me Jesse McCartney's 'Beautiful Soul'
    7. play with the children of Africa
    8. bring a smile to someone in an orpahanage/old folk's home/ hospital/shelter
    9. name one of my kids Keisha and another after my best friend
    10. go to America with my auntie n uncle and bring Nicole with me
    11. buy a lifetime supply of lollipops for Timothy
    12. learn to play drums
    13. get Yi Lyn a whole lot of butterfly stuff
    14. force Ivan(Tan) to pierce his ear!!(just for kicks)
    15. go to Sabah n Sarawak

    i've got so many but i guess this is all for the moment. like nicole says, sky is the limit baby!