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    Friday, August 29, 2008


    "Though the world is flawed, these scars will heal." - switchfoot, we are one tonight

    i sit here now watching Ugly Betty, eating oranges and sniffing because i believe that i have (jengjengjeng) a cold. -i blame sara XD-

    anyhoo! my new love ~

    kinder joy!! its SOOOO yummy. ;.; sinful, sinful. :P

    hmmm. today, i got sent out on the field. for asking aqila a question. i mean, wth. stupid puan jasminder. =.=

    okay. its like this. the entire hall was making noise. how she possibly picked the two of us out of ALL the girls in the VERY LARGE hall is beyond me. i happened to be asking aqila a question that required some hand movements. waving, and such. suddenly, mal is poking my shoulder and pointing behind me and going "kaaaaaaate..." and i turn around and puan jasminder's pointing her styupid finger at me and aqila and telling us to get out of the hall. so we did. off to the field we go.

    aqila is the perfect example of what NOT to do on the field when being punished. that girl! she was talking and dancing on the field! XDD (mishi saw and drew it out for proof. :P) so then the prefects came over and said hannah and some other girl could go in but aqila and i couldn't because we were talking too much.

    i TOLD her to shut up, i did!!! ;.;

    so yes. even when i was doubled over in pain (crampscrampscramps) and my legs had been exhausted, i endured! i survived.

    pfft. being on the field is SO no big deal. and then shiva was looking at us and aqila waved and shiva's face went from stern to WTF? XDD hilarious.

    oh oh, and cik cecilia was talking non stop to encik mugu. O: well, in between throwing "you deserve it" looks at us. -eyeroll- nosy voman. she asked hannah why she was there and hannah told her and then she told hannah "good, learn your lesson." hannah got sent out for talking when puan jasminder told her to move up. @.@ like, okay....

    so yeah! the very big events of today were concluded with the ELDS party!! which are better seen rather than read, so i'll put up the few photos that i have in the next post. ^^


    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Looking for Ideas in the Cookie Jar.

    okay. as i mentioned before, i'm joining a creative writing competition and i kinda need to send it in by august 30th. busy as i have been, i haven't been able to think of a good topic. inessa has given me one. hope you guys can contribute.
    thanks! ^^

    inessa's contribution : a story about Death (the character)

    P.S. i don't really wanna write chick lit, so all ideas on anything to do with boy meets girl / girl meets boy, they fall in love, boy/girl cheats, they break up, boy/girl realizes mistake, boy/girl apologizes and begs for second chance.. anything along those lines is highly not appreciated. :P

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008


    ta daa!!! behold, the pictures from the animax festival!! long awaited and much appreciated. wait, i dunno. it just rhymed. -shrug- p.s. you three still owe me dinner. BAHAHAHA!

    Monday, August 18, 2008

    "there is no one like you ; in a world of black and white, you are the only one in colour." - only one in colour, trapt

    okay! so yesterday was an unusually eventful day. hilarious, too. i slept over at debbie's the night before cause we went swimming. i got a new bikini! ^^ but i wore my black t shirt over most of the time because FRIAR didn't tell me that there were more Malays than anything else there. can you imagine wearing bikinis around a bunch of Malay women who are wearing shorts and bright pink t shirts (horrible, horrible, especially when they're, well, a little bit overweight -koffkofffatkoff-)?? they'll all probably take one look at you and then you'd have this giant chop across your forehead saying SLUT. so yeah. for the sake of my dignity, i wore the black t shirt over my pretty new bikini that i bought meself. ;.;

    anyway! then, that night, after talking to ins cause she was lonely (i love you sweets), mayuri and mal sms me about the same thing :

    mayuri : there's a creative writing workshop in mph tomorrow from 1 to 5pm. feel like being a good friend and accompanying me there?

    mallini : there's a creative writing workshop tomorrow in mph, one utama from 1 to 5. wanna go?

    so me, being the nice person that i am, ask my mommy's permission to go. i thought it'd be pretty good, seeing how i'm thinking of entering this writing competition and try to win SOMETHING so i can smack it into madam yong's annoying face and say "hah! i am worthy of writing to a foreigner, see! the science 1's and science 2's aren't the only competent ones around!!" no offence to those in science 1 and science 2.

    so then debbie wheedles permission from her own parents and off we go. sms mayuri : are you at mph yet? she says yes. so debbie, mom, sara and i step onto the mechanical stairs and up up up we go... only to find that this workshop is in BM.

    -points at mayuri-

    so yeah. then we waited for mal to come and insisted mayuri tell her. then we looked down the escalator and saw mal coming up but mayuri ran away to the ISLAMIC section, grabbed somerandom book (which was tiny XDD) and hid behind it. as our darling jo would say : stupid girl!! XDD anyway, with the help of debbie, mal found us and then we told her and she laughed.

    so yeah. the four of us spent about two hours traipsing around one utama aimlessly, buying ice cream, people watching and trying to help debbie conquer her fear of heights. :D which was HILARIOUS.

    oh, and mallini walked STRAIGHT into a wall. BHAHAHAHAHA!

    mal : -distracted- look at that oven...... ACK! -smacks straight into a wall-

    it was so funny. bahaha! we should do this again sometimes, you weirdos. maybe the next time mayuri gets her details wrong about something. XDD no mayu, you will never live this down.

    anyway! besides all that, and exhausting the panic at the disco pretty. odd. album in my phone, i have been :

    1. singing in chinese for my grandma's birthday. i still don't remember those lyrics. some jay chou song. "tung ma ma bie..." something. @.@ DON'T ASK ME TO SING IT. i can sing you the happy birthday one!

    2. doing my homework. okay, thats only partially true. :P

    3. going to the times bookstore sale! uhm, and making this stupid mistake where i thought we didn't have tony parson's "man and boy" and insisting we get it and then opening it and remebering that i HAVE read it. -palm to face-

    4. being sad because the sale didn't have my usual old issues of girlfriend magazine. hey, that magazine is AWESOME okay.

    5. pulling my brains out of my ears thinking of what to get for nicole for her birthday.

    6. trying to fit everything i want to do within the week, which is going to be near impossible.
    and now, i am listening to the phantom of the opera album! yeay!
    ciaoz, mi bonitas.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008


    ta daaa!

    1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
    2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
    3. At the end, you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names.
    4. No tags back!! Srsly.


    1. i get seriously random when i'm tired but can't sleep. you can check my dA for proof. :P

    2. i can only draw women. it is a strange, unnerving detail about me. all my men look like women no matter how much i try to make them.. not look like women. it pisses me off!! i want debbie's ability to draw hot men. T.T

    3. i like nail polish, but i don't like messing around with them. especially on your toes. do you have ANY idea how freaking hard it is to reach your toes when your boobs get in the way?!?! ;.;

    4. i like epilating. :P sammie finds this REALLY weird.

    5. my taste in men tends to change according to my mood. like, one day i'd be really into hot, buff guys like the olympic swimmers (who are the sexiest damn things when they get out of the water -drool-) and the next, i'll be into skinny guys with feminine features, like gaspard. WAH!

    6. i have an ego. i try to suppress it sometimes, but it just doesn't work. which would explain my sometimes weird egomaniacal outbursts : "MUA HA HA I AM A GENIUS!!"

    7. i like being told things beforehand. but i don't always do the same for others. XDD GOMENASAI!!

    8. i reallyreallyreallyreally hate puan alice. oh wait, everybody already knows THAT. geez!! she is the single most irritating, most patronizing teacher in the WORLD with the most annoying voice!!!!!!! KILLKILLKILLKILLKILL~

    9. i really like hugs. ^^

    10. i believe in the whole "if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything". it is a value i will most probably carry with for the rest of my life.

    11. i plan to adopt kids. no messy labours for me! good, clean adoptions with tonnes of paperwork and money from the government to help me support them. >:3 then i can get meself neutered and have all the sex i want with my hubby without having to worry. MUA HA HA! okay, this might disturb quite a few people.

    12. i wanna be a photographer for National Geographic, the magazine. their stuff is FANTABULOUS.

    13. i am running out of things to write about.

    14. i used to bite my nails. and now, i am a rehabilitated ex nail biter who tries to help others (aqila) to curb this horrible habit. XD

    15. LAST ONE! finally. uhm. fakes piss me off really badly. so do suck ups. and guess what? there are BOTH of these types of human beans in my class. ugh.


    sammie (^^)
    inessa (just wanna see if she actually does it x))
    tengku!!! :P
    jojojojojojojojojojojojojojojo. -hug-
    uhh.. ben? XDD (highly unlikely that he will do this)

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    That Green Gentleman - Panic at the Disco

    "Things are shaping up to be pretty odd
    Little deaths in musical beds
    So it seems I'm someone I've never met

    You will only hear these elegant crimes,
    Fall on your ears from criminal dimes
    They spill unfound from a pretty mouth

    When everybody gets there, everybody gets there, and everybody gets their way
    I never said I missed her when everybody kissed her
    Now I'm the only one to blame

    Things have changed for me, and that's okay
    I feel the same,
    I'm on my way, and I say
    Things have changed for me, and that's okay

    I want to go where everyone goes
    I want to know what everyone knows
    I want to go where everyone feels the same

    I never said I'd leave the city
    I never said I'd leave this town
    A falling out we won't tiptoe about

    When everybody gets there, everybody gets there, and everybody gets their way
    I never said I missed her when everybody kissed her
    Now I'm the only one to blame

    Things have changed for me, and that's okay
    I feel the same,
    I'm on my way, and I say

    Things have changed for me, and that's okay
    I feel the same, and I'll say

    Things have changed for me, and that's okay
    I feel the same, and I'll say

    Well things have changed for me
    Come on everybody let's dance and sing
    I'm singing it all night long
    So come on everybody and join along and say
    Well things have changed for me
    Come on everyone let's dance and sing
    I'm singing it all night long
    So come on everybody and sing along

    Things have changed for me, and that's okay
    I'm on my way, and I'll say

    Things have changed for me."

    one of the more adorable songs i've heard recently. ^^ okay! i will put up the animax photos right after i get them out of the camera.
    aaah, procrastination, procrastination.

    "don't ask me questions ; show me answers." - bad habits, my favourite highway

    Look at what you've done to me.

    lol. second post for the day. to cheer everybody up, here is an extremely HOT photo of the uber sexy GASPARD ULLIEL. who is amazingly photogenic.

    he should be shot for being so ridiculously sexy.

    no wait, i take that back!! :P mayuri will be very happy after seeing this, i better go tell her. ^^ methinks that for my next post, i shall do the pretty boy list. ho hum~

    NO WAIT!! first, animax carnival photos. LOTS OF DEBBIE AND ZI LYNN PHOTOS BWA HA HA! ooh, and a sexy dude, mm-mm.


    well, my blog name DOES promise you these. ^^

    anyway, the hugs are for everyone who got into NS and don't want to go. ;.;

    KIRAN! don't cry aunty kay, you'll be okay. (: i give you big squishy hug and you can squeeze me till my eyeballs pop out, don't worry. ^^

    and for all those who DIDNT..

    free. ^^

    Thursday, August 07, 2008

    More Random Moments.

    "This heart, it beats, beats for only you." - Paramore, My Heart

    i should just stop going to school. everytime i go there, i end up having a really good time, all because of the monkeys i know. XD
    oh! i forgot another blonde moment, this time by farah. it was so random, mishi, zi lynn, aqila and i just stood gawping for a while before bursting out laughing.

    -walking along back to class-
    farah : oh!!
    the rest of us : o.o
    farah : i love my pinky pinky.. browny browny new bra.. with matching panties!! 8D
    the rest of us : -stone- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    aqila : i thought you had an important announcement!!

    rofl. that was hilariously unexpected. anyway. moving on to other random moments, if i can recall them. the most famour one of the day was made by Pablo, or Sanonymous. XD

    Pablo : oh, sometimes, sometimes, when i get turned on, i touch myself.
    Kate : o.o .... WHAT?!
    Zi Lynn : did she just say..
    Pablo : yeah, like i touch my neck alot.
    All of us : -stone-
    Pablo : OHMIGOD, NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!
    All of us : OHMIGOD AAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    Pablo insisted on remaining anonymous. the pressure was just too much. x)

    okay what else. i really wanna put up mayu's moment, but then again, i don't want her to never tell me anything again. :P oh yeah : we were all waiting at the long bench after elds and, well, making a helluva lot of noise, when ally grabs my phone pouch and takes my phone out. I just though she wanted to nose around in it, so i let her lah. i turned to talk to mallini, turned to ally ; AND SHE WAS ON MY PHONE, TALKING!

    ally : hah, you mean you didn't know?
    kate : what do you mean, i didn't know, of course i didn't know!
    ally : well, usually when someone takes my phone and starts dialling, i assume they're going to use it lah! so when you didn't say anything, i thought, okaylah, i can use lah!
    kate : -THWACK-
    ally : HAHA, you're so cute!

    so yes. she did quite give me the heart attack. <_< oh there's another one with ally, and also Sulekha.

    sulu : oh, i'm so in love with my japanese exchange student!
    kate : it's a boy?
    sulu : no, it's a girl. her name is -
    ally : wait, you're in love with a girl?
    sulu : hah? no, i -
    kate : wait, didn't you say your japanese student was a boy?
    sulu : he is, but i'm not talking about hi-
    kate : but then you just said it was a girl!
    ally : yeah, wait, what?
    sulu : hah?? no, i was talking about the exchange student in my class!
    kate and ally : there's an exchange student in your class??!
    sulu : yeah, an i'm so in love with her! she's so... FASCINATING. 8D
    kate : then who's your pen pal?
    ally : OHH pen pal!
    sulu : that one's a boy lah!
    ally : wait, so you're in love with a girl?
    sulu : NO LAH!

    XD i know, its long and alot to digest, but if you were there with me, it was HILARIOUS. we were insanely confused. XD

    kate : -leans on mayu-
    mayu : - pats kate's head-
    kate : .. you almost poked me in the eye.
    mayu : .. sorry, i was trying to be comforting, but i guess it didn't work. you ruined the moment kate!!

    XD -shrug- i am teh moment ruiner. :P

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Blonde Moments. XD

    okay. today and yesterday were chock full of blonde moments. let me see if i can remember them all. x)
    these scenarios are not in sequence, mind you.

    Scenario 1

    okay, zi lynn and i were in the cafeteria drawing and my phone was in the pouch that mayu gave me, which has a little pig on it, by the way. we were plying some music in it. mallini comes and sits down after her new south wales test (which WE never got to take, by the way, SO pissy offy) and picks up the pouch. my phone drops out and so does mallini's mouth.

    kate : where'd you think the music was coming from, the pig??
    mallini : actually yes!
    kate and zi lynn : -stare-
    mallini : yeah, i was thinking why did mayu give you something so cool that the pig sang!! O:
    kate and zi lynn : ROFL!!!!!!!!

    Scenario 2

    okay, this is after the whole pig thing. debbie's back after her leo meeting and suddenly, mallini start flapping her arms around.

    debbie : what, what?!?
    mallini : i have something to tell you!!
    debbie : yes, what?
    mallini : this morning, i was walking and then i saw you doing your duty waaaay over the other side there -points vaguely- and i said to myself "why the hell is ally doing her duty today?!?"

    for the benefit of those who don't know who ally or debbie is, debbie looks like the smaller version of ally. even more so now coz debbie's a prefect. xDDD

    Scenario 3

    this was this morning. i was walking to the field with aqila, then i remembered something.

    kate : aqila, aqila!!
    aqila : what, what, what, huh, i'm not purple!!!!
    kate : WHAT?!
    aqila : what? i'm not!
    kate : BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

    Scenario 4

    okay. this is debbie. she was afraid that christina was gonna get curry all over her pictures, so she put the file in between them and propped it up with the bottles. the bowl of curry is over at christina's side. christina is in a baju kurung. the file starts to slip....
    PLOOSH!!!! there goes the curry ALL OVER ONE SIDE OF CHRIS' BAJU KURUNG.

    debbie : OHMIGOD I'M SO SORRY!!!!
    christina : it's okay, at least i'm covered in something i like. XD
    debbie and kate : ugh, looks like PUKE.

    okay. i don't remember the rest. i think zi lynn might have some more. x)

    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    Scrapbook! ^^

    hurray! all done. ^^ i know, there've been TONNES of pictures lately. :P
    anyway. yes. i have news. two bits, actually.
    number 1 : BRITNEY SPEARS HAS PINK HAIR, EWW. think kelly osbourne. yes. GROSS.
    number 2 : IT IS THE ATTACK OF THE TWEEN POP STARS!!!!!!!!! everybody, run for your lives. seriously. let's just, move to mars, okay?

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    The Kate Manual.

    There are only a few things to know when using or working with the Kate.

    Number 1 : She tends to be hyper and weird, so just bear with her. You'll learn to love her. XD
    Number 2 : She's fairly sensitive. Be careful! You tread in dangerous waters.
    Number 3 : She often forgets what she wants to say. Like right now. Give me a minute.
    Number 4 : She does love music and can talk about it to anyone who will listen.
    Number 5 : She tends to get a bit philosophical after a book / movie / long day of thinking.
    Number 6 : A little bit insecure. The Kate doesn't ask for reassurance, but likes it when she gets some. (:
    Number 7 : She likes hot boys. But then again, who doesn't? XDD (unless you're a guy yourself. and straight.)
    Number 8 : She very much likes chocolate and anything sweet, so be careful when you let her near any substances with those characteristics.
    Number 9 : She has a long fuse, but gets angry easily when
    a) is PMS-ing
    b) is agitated
    Number 10 : When she's sleepy, she tends to babble. Okay, so that happens whether she's sleepy or not, but so what. x)

    Today, we shall talk about how to tell when the Kate is angry and what to do.
    How does one tell when the Kate is angry / upset? These are the symptoms :

    1. Her face turns black. No, not literally. You will see a rather evident change in facial expressions. Usually, when the Kate is angered, you will see her set her jaw and refuse to speak unless spoken to directly.
    2. She starts to slam things and be rougher than usual. Example : Books will be thrown (not violently, but enough to attract some attention) onto the table and pencils will be flicked.
    3. She may resort to self harm in order to get rid of the anger. Self harm includes anything from slamming her hand against the wall to digging her nails into her arms.
    4. You will see her trying not to cry.

    So, what does one do when the Kate starts to show these symptoms? Well, it's simple, really :

    Don't say anything and don't touch her for a while as she tries to regain her composure. You may attempt a joke. If she cracks a smile, this is a good sign. If you see no change in expression, be quiet until she returns to normal again. I might emphasize the "do not touch" and "do not speak" parts. These actions, while most probably done out of concern and good intentions, may either cause the Kate to self-destruct or break down.

    There! All done. You are almost all set to use or work with the Kate. There are a few more things we might cover later on. Most of the time, however, you might have to simply learn how to use or work with the Kate along the way. Don't worry, she will not cause you much physical harm, unless of course, you really make her angry. Then, I suggest you run for you life.

    This manual will now self-destruct. Have a nice day!


    moving on to lighter subjects, i will have to take pictures of my scrapbook and show you guys! is awesome. ^^
    thanks ultimately, Nicole and Marcia for making it so special. I truly feel so appreciated and loved by you guys. ^^