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    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    what the..

    i'm actually supposed to be studying now cause today i've got sejarah(history) exam, but... hahaha...i'm just waiting for my mom to come out of the bath cause she's fetching me to school.. and then i'm probably gonna scrape my test haha... scraping the bottom of the barrel..omg its so hot here... i'm sitting here and the fan is not working and i feel all itchy in my school uniform and bleeaagh.... >.<

    i wonder what life is like in the USA? or even in canada os new zealand or whatver. hmm.. i can only imagine i guess. i can go to US after spm if i get good results. yay me! my aunty n grandma will sponsor me. my aunty is coming back this saturday! i can't wait i miss her loads. she got me a madea cd!!! its this amazing comedian who's supposed to be an old lady named madea. if i can i'll upload a short video so u guys can see. she appeared on oprah.

    okay i gotta go mum's done. byeee..

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