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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009


    Spent the day sleeping. Did some homework, studied, slept slept slept my life away. XD
    This weather doesn't help at all. AT ALL.

    Hot then cold, then hot then cold.
    Like Katy Perry. ;p

    Say hi to Mom everyone, she's sitting next to me.
    HAI MOM~ -shoutout-

    Okay. Waiting for Scott to come home with cd's so I can put the Nose High School photos in them and charge Sonia MONAYYY. ;p
    Money money money..

    So like. Anyway.
    Ben and Isaac I miss you guys LAH. ):
    I hope dA has finished being stupid. D< I'm trying to upload my gorgeous photos now. LOL so perasan.
    I don't know howww. It's been like this for THREE DAYS NOW.

    Sammie left for Aussie yesterday. For FIVE weeks. Gosh.
    Well, she IS going to Tasmania. And then to New Zealand to the land of the sheeps. XD More sheep than people.
    WEIRD. O.O

    Okay hmm let me see if I can dig up any interesting facts.
    Ooh here we go.
    According to Yahoo!, the ten best loved bands of all time are :

    1. AC/DC
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. Neil Young (who?! D:)
    4. Stevie Wonder (DEFINITELY)
    5. Aretha Franklin
    6. The Rolling Stones
    7. Jimi Hendrix
    8. Elvis Presley
    9. The Ramones (I have one song. Blitzkrieg Bop! XD)
    10. The Beatles

    Aaaand worst bands ever according to are :

    10. Pink Floyd
    9. Guns 'n' Roses (Metalheads will riot)
    8. Limp Bizkit (HEYYY I like these guys ):)
    7. John Cougar
    6. Led Zeppelin (LOL controversy!)
    5. Kiss (HEY, Gene Simmons is COOL)
    4. Jimi Hendrix (more controversy)
    3. Bob Dylan
    2. The Beatles (Ohmy.)
    1. The Doors

    Who is this anyway!! Bleh.
    Ooh, this one's more reliable methinks. It's Blender. I like Blender. Let's see what they say. It's actually top 50 worst artists, but I'll take it from 10.

    10. Air Supply
    9. Lee Greenwood
    8. Vanilla Ice
    7. Asia
    6. Kansas (Uhm, what? First Asia then Kansas? Lol poor Dorothy.)
    5. Starship
    4. Kenny G
    3. Michael Bolton
    2. Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    1. Insane Clown Posse (The name sounds bad enough.)

    Lol, I don't know any of them, but I know Celine Dion made number 26. XD Jamiroquai number 25. But I liked one of his songs. ;p Mick Jagger at number 13. The Doors again! Number 37.

    Okay. I'm still waiting for Scott. Does gym honestly take up so much time?!

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