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    Monday, February 02, 2009


    "I am yours, heart and soul!" - Thomas Lefroy, Becoming Jane

    My computer is down, so this is coming from my dad's laptop. Expect less colour. ;p Not used to my dad's laptop, so I'll just be lazy and not bother.
    Anyway, I've been sleeping weirdly over the holidays. It kind of sucks. I only go to bed at 1am and then when I'm in the bed and close my eyes, I can't sleep because my head is on overdrive. And it's not filled with like important stuff, it's just random shit. GOSHHH.
    I finished Misery by Stephen King. When you first put it down, it's like, okay, that wasn't too scary I guess.
    Then you go to bed.
    Turn out the lights.
    Huddle under the covers.
    And your imagination just goes INSANE.
    I kept imagining the Annie Wilkes psycho woman coming after me with her freaking axe and covered in blood, with the ashes of the manuscript still in her mouth and around the edges.
    Then I think about the Paul guy and I get doubly scared, what with his missing foot and thumb.

    I watched Disturbia today.
    Shia was so damn hot in it.
    I can't believe that girl got to French him! I mean, geez.
    She wasn't.. THAT pretty.
    Unless I have already gloated about this, which I very well might have done. ;p

    Forensics are soon, congrats to those who got in! For those who didn't, it's okay, Debbie will get you in as a supporter. XD You can still go and perve on those hot boys! WAHAHA.
    I'm going, but only on the 12th and 13th coz on the 14th NST is having Valentines' Day! (:
    Yes people, the very commercialized day of love is coming up soon. Got anyone special in mind?
    I do, but I'm too chickenshit to do anything much. XD
    I'm actually quite looking forward to Valentines' in NST. (:
    Should be fun, based on what I heard.
    Leo, remember our bet. ;p

    Okay, I guess that's all I've got to say for now.
    He's coming for NST's Sports Day! ^^ At least, I hope he is, he hasn't confirmed yet.
    He said, "Most prolly."
    Which kinda means.. Yes, right? :P
    Okay, baii.
    I'm going to wash my hair.
    And try to remember how to camwhore. ;p

    I forgot to mention!
    Oh how devilishly handsome James McAvoy is in Becoming Jane. -swoon-
    He's so gorgeous!! It's like, OMG!
    That naughty smile. OH!
    -swoons, dies-
    Okay, I'm done.

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