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    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    Turn Around, Don't Walk Away.

    Here's some interesting stuff for you guys from Bible Knowledge! XD
    What happened to Jesus' disciples?

    1. Andrew - Crucified on an X-shaped cross and suspended on an olive tree in a town of Achaia (Greece). Wonder how they pulled that off.
    2. Bartholomew - Crucified upside down and was buried in Armenia (southern Georgia now).
    3. James, son of Alphaeus - Stoned to death in Jerusalem by Jews and was bruied there beside the temple.
    4. James, son of Zebedee - Beheaded by Herod.
    5. John, son of Zebedee - Thrown into a caldron of boiling oil before the Port Latina at Rome, but survived unhurt. The he was banished to the Isle of Patmos, and later died in Ephesus.
    6. Matthew - Not known if he was stoned, burned of beheaded. Probably all three. O:
    7. Matthias - Stoned and beheaded.
    8. Simon Peter - Crucified upside down. He asked to be crucified this way because he felt unworthy of being crucified the same way Jesus was.
    9. Philip - Crucified upside down in Eastern Turkey.
    10. Simon the Zealot - Died in his sleep at the age of 120 years.
    11. Judas son of James - Died in his sleep in Berytus.
    12. Thomas - Thrust through all four members of his body (I guess his limbs) with a pine spear in Calamene, the city of India and was buried there.
    13. Paul - Beheaded by Nero in Rome, around AD 67.

    Wow. Pretty interesting. If only Sejarah was like this.
    But the one thing in common with all these men?
    They all died from persecution.

    Except maybe the ones who died sleeping lah. XD

    The only one whose preaching was not recorded was Matthias.
    The others had preached everywhere, in Bulgaria (Thracians) to Asia to India to Ethiopia.

    Makes me think.


    Inessa said...

    This really is interesting. o_o

    And to my advantage, I don't have to look it up for this story I'm planning!


    And no, you can't ask about it. >P

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