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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Taking Blows.

    I was actually going to do a really long rant and whinge but I'm not going to because I've already vented to at least three people, so I feel loads better now.
    I only want to say this :

    Please don't take me for a punching bag, verbal, emotional and definitely not physical. I really don't like it, and I'm already the punching bag for alot of things.
    Am I so punchable?! I know I've got like fats and all but yeah. My stuffing's gone lumpy and I don't want to take it any more.

    Okay, 'nuff said.
    I'm really very disappointed in him. We haven't spoken since last Monday, and today I made the first move to say "haiii." And then he takes FOREVER to say "heyy."
    And that's IT.
    He didn't make any effort to make more conversation, no "how are you, haven't spoken in a while", nothing. I just wanted to see if he would, and he didn't.
    What an arse.
    The only thing going through my mind then was, "Wow, you really do kinda suck."
    And now it's on FB.
    And here.

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