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    Monday, February 09, 2009

    Neon Orange Splatters.

    "But you were far away." - Lovebug, Jonas Brothers.


    Anyway. ;p
    I went for paintball today! :D With Nick, Eugene and Wyman. Pronounced Why-mun.
    It was pretty awesome. I felt kinda awkward at first coz like, I didn't know anyone there but those three fellas and there were quite alot of people. All of them were college people, excluding Eugene's younger brother, who was in Form 4 and knew most of the people there anyway.
    So I sat.. By myself at first. Very lonely. Very very lonely.


    Then Nick introduced me these two college girls (There were only five girls, by the way, me being the youngest.), Joanne and Mei Ling(?). Mei Ling is SUPER cute gah. ;p She's small and cute with short hair. Augh! So cute. ;p
    Joanne was pretty cool. The paintball helmet kept poking the glasses back into her face, so she ended up being partially blind coz she had to take them off. XD
    So I made friends with them coz they were nice. ^^

    Then two of Eugene's friends showed up and I was like, jawdrop.
    SO. Hot.
    Okay, so one was just pretty cute, Han Yang, Eugene's cousin.
    The OTHER one. Gasp.
    Bryan John.. Something, didn't catch his last name from KK.
    He was.. Ah! Sexy.

    Like, beats HIM any day. Ya'll know who the him is. XD
    He was super hot. Like gosh. I thought he was Malay, then he said his name was Bryan and I thought he was Eurasian.
    He's Chindian.
    A really, REALLY hot Chindian.

    Uhm, funny story.
    He got hit in the crotch by a paintball.
    I know, all the boys are going, "OOOOOOOOH OUCH."
    I stood there.. And laughed.
    -hides from rocks-
    It's like, I was standing behind the mound of dirt, trying not to get hit by another paintball after one hit me on the back of my neck (hurt like a bitch). I turn to one side, and there he is, crouched down on the ground with his hands between his legs.
    I.. Burst out laughing.
    When we were done :

    Bryan : Damn, I got hit in the crotch man.
    Everyone : Oh! Dude! Seriously?!
    Kate : -kkkrk-
    Bryan : Yeah! Uhm, someone was laughing at me!
    Everyone : Ohmigod, who!?
    Kate : -thinking, shitshit- Uhm.. I think that was me. -hides face-
    Bryan : Oh right, it was you!! 
    Everyone : Ohmigod, damn bad la you! Evilll!
    Kate : Stop looking at me!!! - hides face in helmet-
    Bryan : -after story-telling- Well.. I would have laughed too.
    Kate : See!!

    Anyway, I'm very good at hiding. XD I only got hit like three times, one on the leg, one on the back of my neck, and one on my arm.
    Eugene got hit like so many times. Bleeding too! Not very much, but still.
    Dunno bout Wyman.
    Nick hardly got hit!

    Bryan kena the worst. XDD
    Han Yang got hit on his neck too. It looked like a lovebite. HAHA.

    Anyway, we went for lunch (Bryan and Han Yang had to go T.T) at McD's and then Nick, Ivy and I went to Eugene's house.
    His house is HUMONGOUS. Bigger than Han Rick's. O:
    Impossible, I know.
    He had a pool in his backyard. And a foozball table.
    His sister kicks ass at that.

    Then Eugene dropped Nick and me off at the LRT station and I rode back by meself from Masjid Jamek to Taman Jaya. Aren't you proud of me?! XD
    So I had like a really good day. (:
    There's school tomorrow. Ngeh. >.<
    3 days. Then off to ISKL we go!! :D
    Haha. Kay, I'm going to sleep, I don't care if I haven't done any homework that I don't know or do-but-have-forgotten about.
    G'night! (:

    P.S. I hope neither Bryan nor Han Yang read this. :x

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