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    Tuesday, February 03, 2009


    I'm pretty bored. So I shall do the 25 things again. ;p Because so many things about me are like, awesome.
    WHUT! Haha! I'm kidding, honest. ;p
    I won't tag anybody. You can do it if you want to. ;p

    1. I love stripes. I can't wear 'em much, but I love using them as designs on stuff. I have my stripey notebook from Peter Ho's, which is like, GORGEOUS. Lol.
    2. I hate taking candids. D:
    3. I sincerely don't want braces. I know my teeth are crooked and all, but it's not THAT bad right? >.<
    4. I love potatoes.
    5. And cheese. HINTHINT MAL.
    6. I fall in love easily, but I get over myself pretty fast. Usually. :x
    7. I want to wear a mustache one day, just for fun. XD
    8. My brother had a pet snake once, and we used to enjoy feeding it the little white rats. Sadistic, I know.
    9. If I'm trying to take nice photos of myself (alright, ALRIGHT, camwhore XD), then I only look good with like, half my face missing. It can be the top half, or bottom half, but otherwise, it kinda looks like crap. T.T
    10. I like too-long sleeves. ^^ Cosy.
    11. I don't eat bubur chacha (however the hell you spell that), ais kacang, ABC, cendol.. None of that. Yes. People say I'm not Malaysian, I think they're right.
    12. I don't eat durian either. My mom said when I was young, I ate it, puked it up and never ate it again. Trauma!
    13. I have emetophobia. I don't like being around people who feel like puking, are about to puke, are puking and have just puked. I stay as far away from them as possible, and I don't touch them. Don't feel shunned, it's just the way I am. XD
    14. I can't watch horror movies. I only watched Disturbia for Shia Labeouf. XD
    15. I don't own my own pair of sneakers / sports shoes. Weird, I know. I wear sandals for hiking and stuff. Sandals and Crocs are so much more practical than shoes, though. Like, if they get wet, they dry really fast, whereas sneakers and such take a LONG time to dry, and while they're wet, you'll be stomping around going -squishsquish- Uncomfortable? Yes.
    16. Have you ever gone to bed, blinked and found out it was morning? I have. It was so irritating, I felt as if I hadn't slept at all. So I slept somemore. XD
    17. I lovelovelove candles. Especially vanilla scented ones. Heavenly!
    18. I prefer shorts to jeans.
    19. I prefer bracelets and bangles to rings. Even though I quite like rings.
    20. I prefer dogs to cats. But I don't mind cats.
    21. I hate wearing socks to sleep, even when it's really cold. It feels weird!
    22. I dyed my hair two years ago, and up to today, i have golden strands in my hair. WEIRD!
    23. I don't tan, nor do I burn. I burned once, but it only lasted two days, and it was a really light burn. I tan, but only like two shades darker, and only if I've been under the sun for, what, five hours or something? GOSHHH.
    24. I love swimming.
    25. I like to sweat, actually. ;p Exercise and dancing and stuff. Makes me feel goooooooood. (:

    Okay, I guess I should stop now since I've reached 25 and I can't really think of anything else to say.
    And it's getting late and I'm supposed to be sleeping earlier.
    I have no more credit.
    Bai! (:

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