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    Friday, February 20, 2009

    Still Retardation.

    Day 5 (roughly) of blog retardation.
    Day 5 of not talking to him.

    Wow, maybe I can blame my blog meltdown on him. XD
    So anyway. I just watched Gran Torino, and it was actually pretty awesome. Clint Eastwood ftw baby. He's super funny in it, this extremely grouchy, extremely sarcastic, extremely insulting old war veteran who fought in Korea and is very against what he calls "gooks", which basically means Asians.
    So funny. And really good storyline too.
    Anyway, just watch it ya'll.
    I have Merentas Desa tomorrow. I get to walk! XD Encik Mustafa permission. LOL.

    Okay anywayy. It's Sammie's birthday tomorrow! Happy be-earlied birthday babe, I hope you have a great one tomorrow. (:

    Now, I have to see if I have extra batteries for my camera.
    I wish I had extra batteries for myself. I'm going to be EXHAUSTED tomorrow.

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