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    Saturday, January 06, 2007

    when i was small..

    when i was small (and still undeniably adorable) i used to have these big big dreams. i mean, really big. i was gonna grow up and get good good grades in school, so good that my mommy was gonna tell everybody how good i was. then i would go to the best college or university in the world and when i finished there, i was going to be rich and famous, a singer or a dancer or something. everyone, EVERYONE was gonna love me and the world was gonna kiss my feet (i was extremely ambitious. some people may say i was kiasu XD). i'd buy a mansion for my parents and let them have their own servants and everything.

    and then my love life would kick in. hahaha.. i was such a dreamer about my love life, i'm a sucker for romance.. well.. then one day, i would be just walking around looking at something and then he would see me as a vision of pure simple beauty.. he'd come up to me and ask my name. and everything would escalate from there, he'd take me on the most romantic dates, candlelit dinner, picnics by the beach, everything you can think of.. he would do the cutest things for me like leave notes on my door and flowers and chocolates on my doorstep.. and when i was sad he would come and cuddle up with me and tell me everything would be okay.. and then one night, when we were sitting under the stars, he would suddenly propose to me.. and yup.. we'd get married in a beautiful church and live in an amazing house..and the rest.. is inside my head, you guys don't need to know.. :P

    anyway.. today was the first day back in nst! we were supposed to write letter to our future selves.. and well, i haven't gotten round to doing that yet.. maybe the next post i will.. anyway, its getting late and i have tuition at 8am tomorrow morning.. so good night ppl! :)


    Philip said...

    wow ..super long dream man ...

    Sammy`. said...

    all day i dream about someone(:

    katie*lovely* said...

    someone or someoneSSSS, eh sammie???? hmm... philly n me got our eyes on YOU.. :P

    Sammy`. said...

    wow..both your eyes on mua??
    i feel loved=D

    Anonymous said...

    whoa.. i seriously can't imagine myself having tuition at 8am.. its insane... haha.. have you ever got bored of it?? :P