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    Saturday, January 20, 2007


    resonate was awesome. we didn't get to take alot of pictures, but it was still awesome. btw, awesome is my new favourite word XD.
    when i got there, the first person to spot me was shammie, in the carpark. chanette and sarah voon too. then we went up and helped mom set up the booth for the men's camp thingy with my dad. mel came behind me and tickled me, she was LUCKY i didn't scream okay! i was on the verge of it, she scared me half to death. anyway, then nick saw us too and sara saw marcia, so we went in and it was all dark, i couldn't see anything! there were lights at the stage, thankfully. so we went there and found marcia and dropped our bags then i went out to find nicole. found her, grabbed her and dragged her in. we found tze quan too! and i made a new friend from china, her name is faith. dunno if i'll see her again though. hope so! ^^
    at first, it didn't seem like alotta ppl were there but they started the praise and worship anyway, and it was so AWESOME!!! hahah... the exist band rocks. as the music started, more and more people came in. lynette arrived and told us khai couldn't come, awwww.. marcia and i were disappointed. but some things can't be helped, i guess. we wished you were there khaii!! ^^ then, yeah, JUWITA SUWITO CAME AND SANG!!!! she's awesome, she really is. oh yeah, and to my dear ms. kow, your dear *ahem ahem* was like on the stage the WHOLE time eh *nudge nudge*. anyway, yeah, then ps lee choo came and gave her sermon. she was so KEE-YOOT! i loved her pants and shoes. tze quan said she looked like a pop star *kekk kekk*! but she was so cute, jumping up and down and squealing and everything!!! then we had to pray for the parents, and i felt this hand pull at me and it was emilyn's mom. so i pulled lynette with me. ><
    AND I MET JUWITA SUWITO IN THE LIFT! SHE SIGNED MY PURSE AND WE GOT A PICTURE!!!!!! yay meee, yay meeee. well, thats it folks. love you guys! khai and sammie, wish you guys were there too. :) next time yah!


    Philip said...

    JUWITA SUWITO is JUST a human being that's famous...

    that's all (;

    Shammy said...

    Ahaha. I just got this album called The Time Has Come by Brain John Yim and its featuring Juwita :) Shes dueting in a song. And one song with my teacher in it too! =)

    Felix :O) said...

    It's not the Exist Band.

    It's the Resonate Band. Haha!

    Oh, Nicole has an *ahem ahem* onstage? Haha! I wonder who that person is... it's definitely either Chris Wee or Weng Onn. :P

    Felix :O) said...

    oh ya, can't be Martin, Jaydon or Bernard, right?

    can be also actually... haha!

    ChRisE said...

    Felix... you really are a *humzter aren't you. =)