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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007


    mann! i wanted to upload pics of marcia n moi by the poolside last sunday but my stupid uploading thingy isn't working. better luck next time!

    anyway. i never asked. how are my readers (if i have any left) doing? tired of listening to my self.. pitiful.. ness, i think.. XD i have figured the source of my bad moods and feeling sorry for myselfness. its from all this heat!!! omg, it just GETS to me so bad, its unbelievable. first, i feel like my skin is dry and burning up. then i start to get sweaty. thats not so bad. then the ITCHYNESS kicks in. omg, i cannot STAND being itchy. its just like.. aargh! and then the heat makes me feel tired and sluggish and when i DO sleep i wake up feeling like i was just put into an oven and i'll be sweating and all and i'll just feel really terrible. so there you are. mom says i have to learn to curb my temper. i just think i should lug an icebox full of ice and bring powder and a towel with me wherever i go. @.@

    yup, so there's the reason for my angernosity and bad moods. cheerio, i feel better now!


    Isaac said...

    uh....fine? Drowning in boredom and emo-ness, but otherwise fine.

    I need chocolate and help from pink bunnies.

    Love WOULD be nice too. Sigh...

    I also need a life! Know where I can find one?

    I saw a nude malay guy walking around on the street yesterday so... o_0 MY EYES, MY EYES!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!

    This concludes this little excerpt from the twisted life of the creature known as Isaac.

    katiebaby said...


    aw.. don't worry, we love you! :D

    Philip said...

    omg.... we really need clothes for these people.