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    Monday, January 15, 2007


    okay, i know this is a weird topic, but i so happened to be reading so much about it i thought it may be a good thing to blog about. plus, once you hear the extreme measures people go through, you'll be stunned. i was, its crazy.

    plastic surgery.

    *everyone's eyes pop*

    hahah... i just read this book called 'fix' and an article in Girlfriend magazine. according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (betcha never knew it existed!), teens account for 4% of the US plastic surgery market - a 14% rise since 2003.

    why are teens doing this for? well, for one thing, you only have to step out into the malls and there you'll find the answer. we can see those osim uzap girls parading around one utama and ikano and we see newsstands with magazines with these supah hot models and celebrities on them posing and then we see these gorgeous skinny things floating around with hotties anging on their arms panting and drooling and showing them off like prized trophies. areyou surprised? has society brainwashed us to see these as "beautiful"? so much so that girls who are considered as "fat" or "tubby" will go to extreme measures just to look like one of these little things, just so we can fit into what the society, what the world sees as "beautiful". extreme measures are? crash diets to extreme makeovers to going under the knife to physically alter your body.

    however. most teens don't realize the risks and trauma they're putting their bodies through. all they want is the end result, what they see when the plastic surgeon digitally alters their image and thts what they see.

    as with any medical procedures, there are always risks and side effects. negligence claims against plastic surgeons who've done botched jobs has jumped more than 70% between 1995 to 2004. industry experts blame it on the increasing number of unqualified cosmetic doctors and a boom in overseas surgery. more and more young girls are going to Asia where they canhave their surgeries done at a fraction of the cost of an Australian clinic. unfortunately, many of these so called cosmetic surgeons are NOT qualified, leadig to disastrous results - from hideous scarring to infected breast implants to failed tummy tucks. one young australian woman ended up with a 2cm bald strip across her scalp after a bptched eyebrow lift in thailand, another returned home with no cleavage after her breast enlargement ended in disaster while another's breast implants ended up as high as her collarbones. if that wasn't scary enough, there is also the risk of hepatitis and HIV *adapted from Australian magazine, Girlfriend*

    but some teens actually know all the risks, all the procedures, all the side effects. so why do they still do this? think about it. turn around. look! there's jessica simpson in her hot pants strutting around. turn around the other way. look! there's paris hilton in her flesh showing dresses and the shrinking bodays of nicole richie and lindsay lohan. these are considered "the perfect bodies". are they really? if you ask me they look plain awful, but look what the world has brainwashed us into thinking. i have friends *guilty as charged, you know who you are!* who look perfect to me, saying "i'm so fat now! i need to get skinnier" and quite often i feel like screaming. these people are already in their perfect shape, these people are all of twelve and thirteen and already they're talking about diets and exercise regimes. i mean, hello?!?!!? what the heck is going on around here? are we doing this to please people around us or to please ourselves. i can tell you, three quarters of it is trying to please others. i wanna be skinny too, but i know that i wanna be skinny just to please others, to be goggled at, but its not the life for me. who WANTS to have to worry about how many calories are in your next meal? who WANTS to have to constantly worry about what other people think? who WANTS to go through everyday knowing the only reason they're beautiful is because its NOT real? who WANTS to go through everyday having to worry about they're silicone boob implants breaking and leaking or having to worry about the cost of their next surgery?

    certainly NOT the life for me. what about you?


    Philip said...

    guys are into it too ... don't forget the guys

    katiebaby said...

    eurgh. no thanks. :P