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    Monday, January 01, 2007

    new year, new days, new starts and new relationships

    happy new year everybody! it seems like just yesterday i was reminiscing about 2006.. wait, it was just yesterday.. hehe.. :) anyway.. here goes.

    people i wanna acknowledge for seeing me through the year of 2006.

    nicole : last year marked the 10th year of our friendship and i felt that God really put our friendship to the ultimate test last year. you tested my faith, my strength and especially, my patience *keekee*. thank you for being there for me when i needed you and for being blunt when i needed it most. for being real to me and for being such a pain in my ass. that helped me build my patience, lol. most of all, i'm glad i met you 10 years ago because if i hadn't, God knows where i would be right now. thank you, biatch, i love you.i wanna apologize if i have done any wrong towards yo and i hope you will forgive me as i forgive you the wrongs you have done towards me, intentional or unintentional. :)

    samantha : i have gotten to know you so much better through the past year and i have seen you grow and become a more matured person than you were when you first came. you broke your bondages and you were set free. a piece of advice : don't let the throes of "love" get to you. you are so young and have so much more to learn about it. love is something that cannot be comprehended easily and cannot be forced or pushed. i pray for you that this year will be a year of learning of what exactly love is. thanks for all the late nights and smses and chats and thank you for keeping my secrets. i hope that even as or friendship grows, that i will know you better and i hope i can be of help to you. i'm sorry for any wrongs and i sincerely hope you forgive me. i forgive you for your wrongs because i know that none of them were intentional. i love you. :)

    shammie : first off, i want to apologize for isolating you and for ignoring you even when i saw how clearly you crying out for help. i hope you forgive me. it was simply awkward to talk to you after all the "stories" i heard. that was very wrong of me and i sincerely apologize. even as this is the new year, i pray we will start afresh a new friendship. i pray this year will be a great ear for you, of learning and of loving unconditionally. i hope that this year, you will learn not to depend on boys or even other people, but you will learn to depend on God more and more. He loves you so so much. do what pleases Him and He will bless you. :)

    nick : thank you, nick. thank you for everything this year. i apologize if i hurt you in any way, and i know i have. please forgive me, for i did it out of the best of intentions. i hope that you will find peace in a new start and in a new year. i pray that you will learn to depend on God more than ever. and i pray for a good friendship. i know that you go through alot of hardships and i want you to know that, hey, man will fail you. again and again and again. but you know what? you have inside your heart a God who loves you, protects you and who loves you unconditionally. He will never ever fail you. He will carry you when you are too tired to walk anymore and when you look back on your life, you will see only one set of footprints when you in times of trial. those are the times He carries you. He died for you. He rose again. He loves you. and He will not fail you. God bless you. :)

    michelle proctor : okay, not like you will EVER read this blog, i don't expect you too. but here's what i wanna say : i have so much respect for you. your perseverance and your amazing faith in God. reading your story in the 10th anniversary publication has inspired me and given me faith. i'm glad i had the oppurtunity to work alongside you before you left for england. i pray you will find your calling there and may God be with you wherever you go. God bless you, miss michelle proctor, and i will never forget you for your hard work and scoldings*hahaha..*. :)

    timothy : remember the times in the old church buildings when a group of us would go into the dome or the dance room and just talk about everything under the sun? i remember those times well and those were the best times. now : what has happened to the timothy we knew? he is now an introvert and appears to be dependant on people, especialy the opposite sex. tim.. i miss the old tim. the one who wasn't afraid to spell out his opinions and feelings and who was dependant on the only One who truly loved him. i pray that this year, you will begin to get to know yourself better. spiritually. what we see now is a shadow of your former self. you are no longer there. there is only so much that we, as your friends, can help you with. but i am confident that God is able to guard what you have entrusted Him. don't misuse that trust, tim. God loves you and we love you and we hope you will come back to being the timothy we knew. i just wanna be your friend and i will try. but you have to want to help yourself. i pray for you everyday. :) come back, tim, come back. we truly miss you.

    philip : we didn't talk much last year! but thank you anyway for listening to me when i opened my big mouth and started babbling about nonsense that you probably didn't even care about.. :P well, i hope that we'll get to talk more about stuff and yeap, you take care. we're gonna miss you if you go away! don't go away... :( hahha.. well, i hope you know when God has called you there! :)

    melissa tee : i love you my dahling! even when you open your big fat mouth.. >:3 well, we all do that, don't we? hahaha.. i've gotten to know you so much better all through last year and i hope that we shall remain friends throughout the conflicts and trials we always have! i hope you will find peace and a place to put your burdens, your hurts, your regrets and your pains down. God is willing to take them away from you if you will only just let Him. He is all too willing to do that for you. God bless you my dear! i love you loads. :)

    ivan : you truly are one of the horniest guys i know!!!!!!!!! hahaha.. :P but we love you for it, i guess.. hahah.. i have a new year's resolution for u! stop writing like an ah beng in your smses, its annoying!!!!!! lol.. i guess thats what makes you you.. anyway.. i'm so glad i know you, if i didn't i'd probably cry when somebody calls me 'city girl'.. and yup.. i'm glad to have shared your romantic escapades with you and i'm glad to have been with you through them.. i wanna apologize if there's anything i've done to offend you *like being anoying, i do that alot* and i hope you forgive me.. i love you man, you're my good friend. God bless! you'll become a great leader.

    inessa : girl, you're name wil go down in history some day! i admire your creativity, your originality and your confidence. watching you at your artwork is inspiring and i think its just incredible!i'm really glad that i got to know you even during the mother daughter thingy and you've truly been a blessing to me. :) i mean it, you are. keep being incredible, keep being original. thats what i truly love about you. just keep being who you are inessa! there's no need to be anyone else. :P

    khai weng : heyy kura.. first off, i wanna apologize to you because i know i piss you off alot.. :P i don't know why, it just happens.. well, i'm sorry about it and i hope you can forgive me.. sorry i'm annoying and irritating, its just how i am at times... but hey, thats me. i hope you can accept me like that. anyway, getting to know you since kidzone boot camp has been a blessing to me and i hope to get to know you better even in 2007. i pray God will give you the patience to put up with me and my annoyingness.. XD God bless you!! i hope you won't feel lonely again.. :)

    lynette : mommy! lol. thanks for being there at awkward times *you know* and for just being my friend. you're a great person and i just know that God will mould you and shape you into a woman of His Word. just keep going strong because i know you're facing some trials right now. but remember that, we're your friends, you can talk to us anytime. :)

    to everybody else i've met this year, debbie, may gan, i love you guys and i hope you guys will continue to love! :)


    Kurasawa said...

    o_o i forgive you.

    Philly said...

    thank you

    Sammy`. said...

    love you too sweets!(:

    dream about me!=)

    katie*lovely* said...

    @.@ why would i wanna dream about sammie.. its.. wrong..

    hahaha.. love ya sweetness.

    Shammie said...

    i forgive you and i love you :) thank you for noticing now. Kate i love you so much. For every time we had. Thank you.

    Anonymous said...

    yes i agree with sounds so wrong ..haha!


    Łуиz said...

    love yah kate ^^!!

    Anonymous said...

    darn it.. its the second time i'm typing this cuz i accidentally clicked on a link which closed this.. haha.. well sorry for the late reply.. been really tied up at school cuz its overcrowding at school and i'm flying from class to class.. haha.. form 4 is tough.. especially being in the science stream.. i really miss form 3.. LoL.. so enjoy yr form 3 life.. well thank you very much Kate.. you have really helped me a lot in year 2006 and you hav really made it a fruitful year.. i can say that it was one of the most fruitful years of my life.. i really thank you for that.. actually i thank you for everything you've helped me achieve in my life.. well i forgive you for anything you've done which hurt me.. after all it all came out more of a lesson than a dwelling.. =-) i really wouldn't be who i am today if it was without you.. thank you so much.. i hate to remind you but PMR is less than 9 months away.. study hard and make all of us proud... once you break the PMR barrier, be prepared to enjoy the best lower secondary break of all time.. haha.. go and win the gold and bring home some gold coins.. haha.. (*whats that supposed to mean?? XP)
    take care...