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    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    feeling blue.

    fat days are blue days.

    i have fat days. usually i have none to one a week. this week, i've had THREE.

    this CANNOT be good. @.@

    fat days. yuck. i hate the sound of them. bleaghh... fat fat fatty days.


    oh well. tomorrow its merentas desa. OH NO. i hate merentas desa. being forced to run. yuckety yuck yuck.

    its tres awesome though, when i got to wear my bikini to go swimming last sunday. it wasn't a fat day! lol. good day good day. i want a good non-fat day. @.@

    i must be going crazy. don't listen to my mindless ramble.


    9 Whiskey 2 Sierra India Bravo said...



    shammie. said...

    not fat katie. FIT ;)
    you just got confused with the second letter.:)

    marcia said...

    i agree with shammie!! you're fit,fit,FIT!!!

    ~Sarah~ said...

    awww. katie!!! ur not fat!!!!! anyways, i totally get what u mean by bikini days! they rock! i've been kinda stupid for the past two days just sitting at my poolside wearing my bikini tanning... as if i'm not tan enough... LOL... :)