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    Friday, January 05, 2007

    MOMMIEEEE! and forgotten person, heheh

    thish ish for my mommy... :D

    mommy, i love yah, i love yah love yah love yah... ^^ thanks for the whole of 2006 and thirteen years before that. i want you to know that you really are the greatest mom i can have especially when you're the only one i have! :) thanks for all the times that you've listened to me and the times that you heard me talk. i hope you know how much i appreciate you for all that. i'm sorry for eveything wrong i've done to you, the lies, the disappointments.. everything.. i hope you forgive me and i hope we'll put it behind us and move into the new year with no more burdens and hurts.. i love you, truly i do! :) *mwaah* i just hope you know that as we go through more trials and more tribulations, that you know i'll be there when you need o vent or something.. lol.. :) God bless, i love you!!!!!!

    people i forgot to put into the first post! sowee!

    marcia : i love you my cousin! hahaha.. you're more like my good friend than that and most people do NOT believe that we're related.. :P here's some advice ><

    1. STOP being negative about yourself.
    2. stop BEING negative about yourself.
    3. stop being NEGATIVE about yourself.
    4. stop being negative ABOUT yourself.
    5. stop being negative about YOURSELF.

    yay! move into the new year HAPPY! :) PS. if you talk about money again, i swear i'm gonna take it all away from you. *grins* i love yah!

    tze quan : two words: you rock. and thats ALL i need to say. :)

    isaac : you are so weird.. :P hahaha.. but i'm glad to have met you in 'click click carrot and stick' and i hope we'll continue to be friends! i hope that all through 2007, i'll get to know you better.. and expect late night calls from me asking you about math homework, okay? can't say i warned you.. :D love yah! :)

    and i think thats it.. :) bye all!


    marcia* said...

    KATIEBEAR!!!! thanks for adding me into your list of "friends" even tho i was forgotten at first..=P its okayy i forgive you hehehe anyways,i just wanna let you know that i have moved into the new year refreshed and HAPPY. all those bad times and memories last year has been left behind. no more sulking and worrying about nonsensical thing =P like money and you know what else =)
    what i really wanna say is, im really greatful to have you as a cousin and more importantly as a friend. you've been more that a blessing to me throughout our lifetimes but especially over these past few years. i pray that this year will be filled with exciting and meaningful experiences that will help you grow even more in Him. theres not much need for me tell you all those things you've mentioned in your previous post to the others because i know you're mature and confident enough in yourself to know what your flaws are and what you need to do to improve yourself. but of course theres always us around to help you identify it too =P okayy i think iv writen quite a bit here and maybe its about time i stopped hehe. i really love you babe and thanks so much for putting up with all my crap talks and whining and only God and you know everything else =D

    Kimmy said...

    what about me?? =( you forgot me... =( saddeningnya. just because i'm in australia you forget me. i wasn't even in your forgotten list.. =( *sobs* i feel so forgotten..

    katie*lovely* said...

    NO I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!