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    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    i've been thinking about this question ALOT lately, way more time than i should be using to think about it, but oh well.. the question is, what is real love to me and to the people around me?
    well.. my answer to that question would be this : i truly believe that love is a friendship on fire. i want my lover to be my best friend as well. real love is when the thought of that one special person just touches your mind and you feel all happy and you just smile. when you can go around all day and not have to worry about them all the time but yet thet're always on your mind. when you want to let them know you love them and when you just say "i.." they finish the sentence for you. love is when you can talk to that person about anything and everything, whether it makes sense or not. its when they laugh with you when you're happy or cry with you when you're sad. they know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. when trials come your way, they do their best to protect you or to help you. its when you KNOW that things are gonna work out fine just because they are there. they don't have to like the same things you do, and they know how to make you talk and laugh and smile and argue with them in a friendly manner. you don't have to touch or kiss or hold hands, all you have to do is look at them and smile and you know you're loved, you're safe, you're wanted and you're needed. when you KNOW that yeah, THIS is the person you wanna spend the rest of your life with because they make you feel comfortable, they allow you to make your mistakes and they hold your hand throught he consequences, you wanna spend your life with them because of the sole reason, that you love them.
    so yup, thats it. what about you guys?

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    Isaac said...

    Yay, finally got in.... Anyways, I dunno. To me, true love is when you're willing to make sacrifices for the other person, no matter how big or how small those sacrifices may be. I feel that there's no greater love than being willing to give away your life for the sake of the one you love. But....that's just my opinion, of course. ^_^