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    Wednesday, November 29, 2006


    everyone who went for the boot camp and got the t shirt, please wear it on saturday!!!!!!

    anyway, i haven't told u guys about the rest of boot camp. day 1, we had an obstacle course, and in my team, there's this boy named dylan, who isn't exactly the fittest guy around. anyway, there's this obstacle where you have to swing over this small body of water with a rope. he clung unto the rope and when he kicked off, he tucked his legs in so he kind of looked like a ball at the end of the rope. so he swang to the other side - and didn't let go! so he swang back to where we were, so he sorta looked like a pendulum! super fuhneeeee... we had to push him back off and the teachers on the otherside caught him. haha.. good thing he didn't fall into the water.. that wouldn't have been good.>.O

    then, there was this other obstacle which was a tunnel. it was sooo horribly stinky. yuck. anyway, dylan (AGAIN) went in shouting "i'm gonna get stuck!" we all thought he was kidding. then he didn't come out for a while. ronnie koko ran to the side he's supposed to come out from and said "is he really stuck ah?!" so mean, i tell you!!! haha.. zara and i were laughing so hard it still hurts.. anyway, by the time we got back to the hall, we were washed out. and we still had to wait for the tepees to be done!! aargh..

    zara, ivan, aaron and me were doing this station, or zone, which was temptation sort of thing for the kids. the first team to go was airforce, which had wai kin's brother, ivan's brother, nicole's sister and tze quan's brother. btw, now tze quan's nickname is piggypox!! hee hee. anyway, so this group came into the room - and all the brothers fell for it hook, line and sinker! super cute i tell you.. dylan (ivan's brother) and wai shin(wai kins's brother) were both saying, 'whaa this is the best station ever!!!' we couldn't stop laughing.. then ivan came in and took quite a while debriefing them.... until ronnie koko had to come in and give him the time out signal coz the other team were coming already.. ivan, ivan.. haha.. anyway, then the other teams came in.. fell for it.. dadada.. except one team who was the only team to pass our station.. they didn't touch anything!we were quite impressed..

    and then at night, i heard tze quan calling my name so i went outside and it turned out there was this huge ass bug in nicole's tepee! it was a cicada and was scaring the life out of rachel and nicole. it was stuck between the wall of the bathroom and the ceiling, so i chased it out of there and i think i half drowned it. hehe... then we called chris, one of the guys in, and well, he didn't get it out. grr.. then khai weng and ivan came in. okay, khai weng is a really.. 'unique' guys (he takes pride in that) and ivan.. well, i think most of you guys who read this blog know how ivan is, right? okay, so we thought that ivan would be going OMIGOD and that khai weng would be the one taking it out! we were SO WRONG. khai weng went in looking for the bug and when he saw it he was like 'OMIGOD ITS HUGE!!!!!!!' and hid behind ivan. so in the end all the girls were screaming and khai weng, well, he didn't scream, but he was pretty scared i think, and ivan had to get it out. super funny that night.. the girls ended up sleeping at 4am.. i slept around 3something, i was so tired.. so i only got 3, 4 hours of sleep that night? yeah.. then i went to knock on nicole's door and i heard someone inside say 'late adee ah? ya lah, late lah! quick, get up! late adee lah!' hahaha.. fuhnee...

    so yeap.. thats what happened.. lol.. i'm sure that in the other blogs you guys will be hearing about this too, like nicole, timothy and ivan.. God bless everyone!

    PS. all you who went for kz boot camp and got the broken borders tee, please wear it on saturday! must!

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