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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    when does the fairy tale girl meet her prince?

    this fairy tale girl sure has kissed a couple of frogs already. they're all princes, but they're not mine. so i released them back into the pond that is swarming with frogs. yay me! what alotta frogs to kiss. well, might as well just mention what i'm looking for in a guy. so here's my perfect man.

    the perfect man should be able to argue with me without agreeing to do anything for me including swallow poison or do anything stupid like that. i mean, thats super obsessive already. well, he should be able to have fun with me and be able to play with me and yet know when and where to be serious. if i could have it my way, this guy would roll down a hill with me and carry me back up (if he could) when we get down. well, that part may be abit much, considering how guys here in malaysia can hardly carry anything without complaining like idiots (hee hee). okay, so not all guys.maybe i'll just go to america. i'm pretty sure there'll be somebody there who'll be able to carry me! haha.. well and this guy would have fun conversations with me about every topic under the sun and the moon. this guy would be my lover, my brother, my best friend. this guy. this man, will be there when i'm happy, will be there when i cry, will be there when i feel silly, will be there when i feel moody, will just be there and i will be there for him too.

    well, there you go. haha.. i know alot of people will say, omg kate, you set the bar way too high! haha.. owh well, i'm sure there's a guy like that somewhere out there... lol! so yeah.. thats my perfect man.. :P

    now back to the going - ons in my life.. hmm.. oh yes! my brother has a date to his prom! i was hoping he'd take me, but oh well. next time, maybe. :D so anyway, guess who he asked? i won't say it here, but post a comment and tell me who you guys think it is! its oh-la-la.. lol! well.. other than that.. i'm doing up my christmas presents now! haha.. you guys will be surprised.. so i hope you like it coz i'm 'making' them myself. 'making', so yeah. i got a new pair of jazz pants today! finally. i've been needing one for ages. my mom bought herself two blouses and a pullover, so i think thats good coz she doesn't often get stuff for herself. so good for her! she looks really really pretty! haha.. alrighty.. so thats the lowdown on my day and my perfect dream man.. bye, ya'll! *winkz*


    Tim said...

    I'm sure you'll find your perfect man one day.


    Kateh said...


    haha.. :P

    debbeh woo! said...

    perfect man..haha.that is the wrong term to use child.
    wait til your ready to get married firstthen start looking k?btw, your never too young to start praying for one =]

    if you call your standard high i wonder what mine is =P

    God bless you dear!

    Kateh said...

    my dearest flebbeh debbeh, what exactly does 'wait till i get married then look for one' mean? tak ade makna ler.. :3