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    Tuesday, November 28, 2006


    i'm home!!!! haha.. kidzone camp was so awesome!!! when we first went into the room for reg., it seemed as if the helpers and teachers were more excited than the kids. but after we got settled ito our teams and all that it was evident how excited these kids really were. the excitement was so contagious, like a buzzing in the air! well, i wanted to tell you guys out there what really made me happy in this camp. two things, or rather two events, were the highlight of the camp for me. the first one was on the second night of camp. we were supposed to have these station activities in the afternoon but because it rained, andy koko decided to push it to the nighttime. then, come night time, it started raining heavily! i was so upset and you could see the kid's faces just fall! they wer so eager to go and when their faces fell, i was so so upset!! i prayed and i even cried abit. so there i am sitting in the session, crying my eyes out and no one knew why. anyway, then something prodded me to just look around the room and i did. most the helpers were gone! ivan, tze quan, tim, khai, nikki.. so something in my spirit just told me to go outside the room and pray. so i went outside and lo and behold, there they were, praying. so i went to join them and we sang and prayed and it was just truly awesome. then ivan prayed for the rain to stop at 8.55pm because the games were to start at 9.00pm. it started to let up and then it was reduced to a drizzle! aaron said, hey what time is it? guess what, it was exactly 8.55pm!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH. we were screaming and shouting out there and then we went out into the drizzle and we prayed somemore and sang and praised the Lord. eventually we had to go back into the room and we told andy koko it was drizzling. by that time we were bouncing around with such excitement! then we sent timothy out to check if it had really stopped drizzling and it had!!!!!!!! it was really really amazing. for a long time i didn't really believe that God would answer my prayers. but right now, i believe. i believe!! this is such an awesome experience. God is so good. i bet you right now all the helpers who have blogs are writing all about this. haah..

    the second thing was when i woke up the next morning i woke up around 7.20am. after waking charissa and lynette, i went out to see if anyone else had woken up yet. i peeked out the door and i saw ivan sitting on a ledge outside in the middle of the tepee area. i looked at him and he jerked his head slightly to indicate ' come over if you want to'. so i went over and we just sat together in the quiet morning-ness of it all and i just felt overwhelmed with peace. we talked, but only a little bit. we just sat there in each other's company, breathing in the morning air. it was so divine.

    i gotta go! will write more soon!


    Anonymous said...

    ooo wow ..

    Anonymous said...

    ain't it amazing how God works in interesting, wonderful, just absolutely brilliant ways(: