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    Friday, November 10, 2006


    owh owh owh.. my bro just can't seem to get a date for his prom.. poor guy.. this is not his month.. in thirty days, three potential dates, all unable to go.. then he won the tickets to the fly-niversary, but he's too young to go.. then he won tivkets and VIP passes to the tata young concert tonight, but he's got no transport. VIP passes!! poor guy.. just can't get a break.. sighz.. oh well, his SPM is coming up real soon... so its good he has to concentrate on that.. lol..

    hmm.. oh yes.. school's out for me, yay!! haha.. i'm happy.. no more going to school for the next two months! then next week i get to join the hip hop class in my ballet centre on wednesday at 5.45pm.. and yeah.. i can go just abt everywhere with my mummy! hahah.. omg.. i'm watching jamie oliver's school dinners and the kids are such amzingly spoilt brats its crazy. its just crazy. they thought a celery was a potato, for pity's sake! something like that anyway. and then there's this kid who just won't try anything. if i was his mom, i'd go, you don't wanna eat? fine, don't eat. i mean, come on! its not gonna kill you, right? gosh. their lunches consist of potatoes, chips, sweets and chocolate. hello?!?! whottalotta constipated kids. i'm not surprised.

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