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    Monday, December 04, 2006

    getting sick really sucks:(

    yeeeaaap.. it sure does.. and it make khai worry alot too! haha.. super funny, we were talking with lynette and sammie(who are also sick) online and khai kept putting in big letters 'get better soon!' tonight its since 1991's party! i'm feeling better now, i hope i survive. lol. then gotta go for dbd after that. and before the party, i have to go for ballet! sei lah.. :/ ooh, we got a new camera!!!! super cool.. now i cam. whore alot.. haha.. i should post some pictures but i don't know how.. hahah.. i should get me dad to do for me.. anyway.. i don't know what to write.. not much happening other than the super late nights at dbd practice.. we start at like, 8pm and finish at 12am.. its seriously crazy.. what more this crazy weather.. no wonder everyone is sick.. timothy, nicole, samantha, melissa, lynette, marcia.. me! sighz.. now we need kim to get sick, then it'll really be KNMSK! wakaka.. ish.. khai no answering me.. he says he blogs everyday.. i tell you now, khai, after a month you won't want to blog for a while.. haha.. same thing here wadd.. i updated mine everyday, but now i only update it once in a while.. haha.. oh snap.. i think i'm going to geta cold sore from blowing my nose so often.. shucks.. i bit the inside of my cheek by accident yesterday.. it hurts ALOT.. and i've been drinking what feels like GALLONS of water since monday trying to ward off this cursed sore throat and IT DIDN'T WORK! grr.. anyway, according to mom, i haven't been drinking gallons, so i guess thats why lah. do you have any idea how many things i have to do now?! i have to take vitamin c, gargle listerine, take cough medicine, take cold tablets, and suck dequadin(its like strepsils, but tastes nicer). so tedious.. sigh.. i guess its worth it if i get better.. grr, i think its going to rain.. this accursed weather.. making ppl sick.. it was so hot one hour ago and now the sky is rolling with thunder.. the sun is still out though.. this is truly weather gone mad.. grr.. i think i should go take in the clothes.. byee! :D


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    Anonymous said...

    yup.. i can agree.. well at least u dun have to sing -or croak- with a sore throat..=)
    get well soon.. byezz!!!

    Kateh said...

    lol.. that IS true.. :P