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    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    fairy tale beginning

    heyy.. well alot of stuff has happened since i last wrote in here.. ooh and i just watched 'the perfect man' just now and one of my favourite songs played! howie day's 'collide'..

    even the best fall down sometimes
    even the wrong words seem to rhyme
    out of the dark that fills your mind
    you finally find that you and i collide

    yeah i like that song.. there's this other song i like but i dunno who the singers are nor do i know the name of the song. something like "everything you want". the last chorus is here, anyone who knows the song please tell me! haha thanks.

    i am everything you want
    i am everything you need
    i say all the right things at exactly the right times but i mean nothing to you and i don't know why...

    hmm.. let's see.. any other songs that have been an anthem for me this year? oh yes..jesse mccartney's 'because you live'.. i'm pretty sure i don't have to write down the lyrics because everyone knows them haha! all the guys reading this are probably going *grrooooaaan...* too bad! haha.. nah i'm not gonna write em down.. malas.. then there's the goo goo doll's 'iris'.. and carrie underwood's 'Jesus take the wheel'.. and oasis' 'wonderwall'.. and drunk before dawn's love song with lea and raul.. i just love that song! as well as the one celine did at the end of the track..

    today my brother's cell had a party for ps daniel and his wife auntie ann! they've been married four years now, so happy anniversary, ps dan and auntie ann! cool, it rhymes.. haha.. ooh.. now there's a new word.. 'shopology'.. haha.. well, today we went to the canaanland in damansara perdana to get an anniversary pressie for them and i got a book called 'battlefield of the mind ; for teens' by joyce meyer. its really really good. and i got a new bible! mine's falling apart already so i might as well get a new one since it was on sale right? it was rm99.90 with 20percent discount, which made it about rm79.. somewhere there lah.. and i got my little black book and evangelising! its super cute, i'll lend it to you if you ask.. haha.. its actually really good and it explains everything so you'll totally be prepared for the toughies people ask. i sound like a promoter don't i? hahaha..

    well, then we went to tropics, which is next door, because i needed to go to sonata and get a new leotard but it was closed so we called the owner and she said she was having lunch and she'd be back n ten minutes. i felt so bad! she probably gulped down her lunch and rushed back on a full stomach.. i feel so baaad.. well, anyway.. then we found the cutest little place called 'Buddies Cafe' and its food is scrumptious! haha.. so is its iced chocolate and according to my mom, the latte is smooooooth and lovely.. haha.. then we went back up to sonata and i got a new leotard! i'm so happy.... no more shopping for me! the only thing i have to buy now are.. stuffs for christmas pressies.. i shall keep tht a secret.. lol!

    so anyway, then we came home to get the food, go back to church and everything. church was, well, church. after church scott was talking about the worship that may gan and kenny led. i thought it was pretty good today and sure, maybe they don't know how to lead and interact with the crowd yet, but its an experience, you learn from them. i'm not saying my brother's views are wrong, but i always did think he should be more open-minded and not always think he knows best. sometimes he does. but i guess, hey, he's my bro, love him, respect him. i do, but i got my views too! haha.. well yeah, that was my day. gtg, byee!

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