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    Wednesday, December 02, 2009

    Slightly Overdue.

    "Since you went away, my heart breaks every day ; And you don't know since you're not here." - Robbie Williams, You Know Me.

    I was supposed to blog about my last class with an old tuition teacher on Tuesday night, but the comp got hogged by Scott. -.-

    Anyway! I have no more tuition with Madam Lai. T.T I've been with her since Std 4, and it's been a pretty good 8 years. :3 I really love that old woman. I remember when I first started out with her, I really really REALLY hated her. XD She gave me sooooo much bloody homework, and I was too damn lazy, plus I hated Math and Science, which were the main things she taught me. I was a really bad student. ;p

    But over the years, I've learnt the tricks of the trade (like how to avoid her scolding, how to sweeten her up a bit, how to get past not doing homework XD) and I've even learnt to love her. She was a cute, funny old woman, once you got over the SO MUCH HOMEWORK thing, which took me a while, but only now do I realise how much she's really helped me. I mean, DUDES! I got like, an A in Math!!!! LOOOL. I'm glad to have spent 8 years with her. I knew when her mother passed away, and when she got her first grandson, who is 3 now and the cutest thing EVER. Madam Lai wasn't the easiest person to get along with sometimes, but she deserves respect, and lots of love.

    I know she doesn't read blogs (she doesn't even know how to send e mails XD), but just for the record, THANKS MADAM LAI. :D I love you loads.

    Anyhoo, SPM IS ALMOST OVERRRR. I have one and a half subjects left. I should be looking for references for Art right now.

    Pity. Beautiful weather we have today, I was thinking of doing a shoot. T.T

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