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    Monday, November 30, 2009


    "I want your leather studded kiss in the sand." - Lady Gaga, Bad Romance.

    Oh god. Leighton Meester decided to record a song. I sincerely hope it doesn't come from an album, because if it did, it's very imaginatively titled "Leighton Meester".
    Wow. Genius.

    I accidentally caught the video for the first single. I don't even remember the title now. OR how it sounded. All I remember is.. Leighton in bustier-corset-leotard thing. Leighton in curly hair and red lipstick, humping random dude in corner. Leighton romping around in bed with Robin Thicke. Leighton in car. Leighton in underwear.
    And then press repeat.

    This was probably her thought process way before she decided to record it.

    "Ohmygosh. I would look so hot in a bustier. AND a corset. AND a leotard! Let's put it all together! Just like Beyonce! But wait, I can't wear that on the red carpet. Not even in The City! (I think thats the show she's in) What am I going to do??? Oh wait. I can sing right? Well, not really. But there's Autotune! And all I have to do is whisper the chorus over and over again so that my voice sounds reeeeal sexy. But that's not enough.. I need someone equally sexy AND can sing so he can cover up for my awful singing. I know! Robin Thicke's really into the kinky scene right? Hopefully his wife won't mind me humping him in the video. I'm so, like, excited!!!" -calls whoever to natter about it-

    Yeah. I know. It's so soooo sad. T.T

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