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    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    "I need a lover ; That keeps me warm inside ; She can discover anything she likes ; She can break, she can break alot of things ; Like my heart." - Ryan Cabrera, can't remember the title.

    Comic Fiesta was fun! Except for the traffic jam my poor brother an I had to endure (Well, I mostly made him endure) getting into Sunway. It was really awful!!! Took us more than an hour to get there. Then when I got there, I couldn't get hold of ANYONE (GRR!) so Scott and I walked around and he took me to the new wing and we bought a drink.. Then Arleena finally called me, and I managed to see Aqila and Mishi, whose costume was SCARY SHIT, as you can see, but it was great. ;p Scott was saying, "Next year, I cosplay as Edward Cullen, and you can dress up as Alice!!!" I was like, CRINGE, HAHA. It should be interesting. XDD

    Before that, I went to the education fair at Midvalley, and we talked to the cousellor at Raffles International College, and I might just be going there next year to study. I wanna become an art director, and from everything else I've seen and heard, Raffles seems like a pretty good choice!! Going to check out the campus on Tuesday next week, so if anyone wants to follow me just to check it out, give me a call (:

    Till next time! :D Gotta sleep early, taking my grandma for brekkie in the morning, and then tomorrow night, going to The Library in Cineleisure to support An Honest Mistake AAAAAAAAAND Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob!!!!! XDDD Starts at 8pm, so come if you can! :D Call meh.

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