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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    So, Christmas is in two days. I'm not feeling particularly Christmassy at the moment, coz I'm really really tired. SOTY practices are seriously draining me out, especially coz they end at like, 12am. Zzzzz.. I have to go again in about 15 minutes so I don't have much time here. DON'T WORRY! I will be back in my Christmas mood again tomorrow. ;p I haven't even had time to make any presents, OR a Christmas wish list. HERE'S A QUICK ONE! XD

    1. A loooong comfy cuddly wool cardigan (preferably in any colour but black, white and grey. XD)
    2. Bodyshop eyeliner.
    3. SLEEP.
    4. T-shirts from Walk-In Studio. OMG, I have one that's super AWESOME. I'll take a pic and show you guys. :D
    5. New flats.
    6. Patterned tights.
    7. A boyfriend :x
    8. Chunky bracelets.
    9. Bodyshop liquid foundation. Or MAC. XD
    10. OOH, RM50 ONLY SHORTS FROM NAFNAF! They're super cute, floral print, AARGH! I want them T.T

    Okay, yeah, gotta go. BYE! <3

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