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    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    It's The End Of The Season Of The Year.

    I've been sitting here for the past fifteen minutes between thinking of what to write about Season Of The Year and watching The Zodiac. LOL. Mostly watching The Zodiac, Jake Gyllenhaal is too cute to pass up.

    ANYWAY, YES. Sorry about that.

    I guess I'm not gonna write bout Season Of The Year, you can check out pics on Facebook XD Those tell enough of a story. ;p

    Went to visit Raffles International Design Institute. It's quite nice, small place, cozy. The classrooms are kind of cramped, they don't have alot of students, and I was definitely not impressed with the canteen. But I have a pretty good feeling about the place, you know. I really think that it's gonna be the place for me. I asked what the students are like, apparently alot of Chinese people, some international students, mostly from Korea, which is kind of BAD for me, coz I speak ZERO mandarin. But they encourage the students to speak English, so I guess I've got an advantage somewhat. :D So.. I guess we'll see. I've got till April. :)

    Going shopping with Marcia tomorrow. There's a sale at Zara! :D

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