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    Friday, December 18, 2009

    Prom. Prom... o.o

    SO, prom.

    It was, truth be told, slightly disappointing. The entertainment before the bands were pretty bad taste, and the food tasted blah. BUT, I had pretty good company all night (Except for the fact that Jason DIDN'T end up getting me a proper corsage, and Mal's date turned up in JEANS) and when An Honest Mistake came on, we went up and danced! :D That was fun. But none of the guys got the balls to actually ask anyone to dance. SAD. I hope college prom is better than this! ;p But oh well, die die also go to prom lah. Hahaaa. I think I looked rather fabulous, I've got a really nice photo Azrina took of me, so I'm just waaaaiting for that. ;p Something is wrong with my camera, so I didn't get a lot of pics ): Mostly of AHM. HAHA, SORRYYYY. Fan here.

    My mom did my hair, which looked super cute ;p Then I went to Joy's place to do my make up, and she was like, OMG, you look so oriental!! I know what make up to do for you already. ;p She told me I've got "Lucy Liu eyes", which after putting on the make up, I guess is kinda true. HAHA. My make up was pretty cool, and I looked SUPER CINA!!!!! HAHAHAHAAAA. Really, with the bangs and make up, I was the poster girl for all things Cina. XD

    Okay, entertainment. First were these three extremely glitter-razzied girls dancing to that stupid Pussycat Dolls song (one of those stupid songs). Then it were a group of pole dancers. o.o It was actually pretty cool, the stunts, and even a couple of guys were doing stunts, which were incredible! The funny part was that there were these three girls who always stood at the side while one girl was up the pole and they were just like, "Yeah! Okay! Let's stand here and gyrate to the music randomly!" That was weird.. And really funny. XD

    Then, I think something else happened.. And then these TRANNIES came on the stage, singing and dancing! And if that wasn't bad enough, one mc'ed for a while, and she went around asking the boys what their SHOE SIZE was because "big shoe size means big dick". That was SERIOUSLY bad taste, if you ask me. She came to our table and asked Kathleen's date XD He was like, "Oh no, it's coming, it's coming!!!! D:" That was pretty funny.

    Oh yeah, there was this short play before the trannies. It was pretty badly done, and the only thing I could hear them saying was "The Captain is dead!!!!" Like, okay... And? So yeah. AGAIN WITH THE TRANNIES, there was this one doing an Indian dance, and she practically LAP DANCED on this guy on the other side of the room, and pulled him up in front of the stage and put his hand on her boobs.. EW. Very very bad taste, Denise. Anyway, thankfully it ENDED (it took FOREVER, I though it'd never end) and An Honest Mistake came on!!!!! :DDD

    It was soooo much fun, Farah made Kathleen and I dance with her ;p We didn;t do much dancing, more jumping around and calling Farah a maniac. ;p She WAS! Hahaa, it was sooooo funny. But they did really really well, and I'm so proud of meself, I knew most of the words to This Song Is So Random, I Don't Know Why. XD The bands were all pretty good, but I didn't get to stay for everything though, coz Jason's mom wanted him home. =.= I know, strange.. But it was 12 anyway, so yeah. We started late.

    Melinda, Melissa and two other people whose names I can't remember were nominated for Best Dressed Prom Queen. Quite frankly, none of them really fit the bill.. Melinda and the-other-girl-I-can't-remember both looked, as Anysa put it, like those Barbie doll cakes little girls have for their birthdays. XDD Melinda was SO glittery, it hurt to look. DISCO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL! HAHA. The other girl seriously, seriously, seriously looked like a walking, sea green CAKE. Like, the type you can use your finger to flick off the icing to put into your mouth secretly, and no one would notice coz there's so much of it. o.O

    But otherwise, everyone looked fabulous ;p
    Well.. Mostly. XD

    Okay, that's all until I remember something else. ;p Ta!

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    Inessa said...

    Yeah, that sounds like high school prom all right.
    (Not that I would know, I wasn't around for mine...)
    Well, prom is mostly for the company and nothing else.
    I want to see pictures!!