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    Wednesday, December 09, 2009

    I'll meet you halfway.

    "I can live without you, but without you, I'll be miserable at best." - Mayday Parade, Miserable At Best.

    Aahh, yesterday was nice :3 Tagged along with Inessa and Jared to this orphanage called RACTAR, it was sweet. It's an all-girls orphanage, and everyone there was soo cute. Jared's band (Okay, get this, the name is : Once Upon A Time, There Was A Sausage Named Bob. Yes, blame Jared XD) had to support a charity group I think? for Battle of the Bands. I met the band, and a few others, everyone was really nice :D I was really tried yesterday though. Bad night, so sorry Nes, if I wasn't very social. I was kind of blaaaah the whole day. Then we went to eat lunch in Subang Parade at Nando's (which STILL sucks, and the last time I ate it was like.. 5 years ago.) and then we went to 12 Records to listen to OUATTWASNB jam. It was really good! I like their music :DD The monkey song is surprisingly catchy XDD Despite the title, Shut My Monkey (previously Suck My Monkey D:), the actual song was pretty good XD

    Oops. Gotta run. More later! :D

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