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    Monday, December 18, 2006

    me n nicole on her carpet at her house.. lol.. marcia was all "CLEAVAGE!!!!!" when she saw this pic.. shh marcia! my secret! anyway.. lol.. i was just thinking the other day and i was like, wow, how long have nicole and i been friends? 10 years now? we met in ballet.. and we've gone on trips to singapore together *with our families of course*.. to watch dance productions.. even right here in Kl we've gone to watch dance productions.. we've performed together.. i know her house like the back of my hand and she knows mine.. i know her best *and worst* habits.. well, almost all of them anyway.. lol.. and she likes sour stuff.. i like sweet.. she likes chick flicks while i like novels and such.. and yeah, she likes to put makeup and i don't.. lol i can't tahan stage makeup.. yucky yuck yuck.. i guess everyday makeup isn't so bad but its too much trouble.. lol.. well.. yeah.. i was just reminiscing.. nikki biatch.. love ya baby... and ya gotta know it *in the immortal words of marcia*! counting the minutes till u get home from kk..


    marshmallowbear* said...

    iv been quoted!! but i think i used babe instead of baby =P yesh yesh cleavage =P

    Kurasawa said...


    DJsealed said...

    awww.... cute hamster @_@

    katiebaby said...

    marcia : mwah mwah

    khai : EVIL. i shall tell her and she shall whack you.

    djsealed : dillon, right?