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    Sunday, December 17, 2006

    drunk before dawn

    wow.. what a long weekend that was.. drunk before dawn is now over in kl and is going to sabah! some of them are going today and the rest are going tomorrow.. last night was the last night and the crew had to give bouquets to the composers, lyricists, directors, bla bla bla.. and guess what? i panicked. big time. okay, timothy ng came out late and then chanette came out at the wrong time so i panicked and was left standing on the stage feeling stupid. AARGH.. >< well.. i guess these thing do 'appen innit? lol.. i got alot of good pics of the cast n crew... i'll post them the next time i learn how to upload them from the camera into the computer.. lol.. my brother knows, i have to get him to teach me..

    you know what? the real Raut's grandson was here. what a testimonial. he's a drummer for the orchestra. i don't know what his name is though. darn! anyway. and then the dayung's grandson, Rommie, was in the musical as well. he's so nice! i got a pic of him dancing around haha.. i think there should be a pic of him in the dbd official website.. let me check..

    yay! i found one. that's Rommie. last night he asked me how old i was and his eyes popped when he found out i was fourteen haha... well.. he gave me some valuable advice.. he said,"anyone can 'be there'. but to be there and maintain that is difficult and takes work. keep it up." and you know what? he's 31 years old! he so does not look 31 years old! i thought he was maybe, 23 years old or something. anyway.. i hope he gets home well. i hope to see him again and to talk to him again. goodbye Rommie! it was nice meeting you.

    okay. anyway, what else happened.. hmm.. oh yeah, mee gee gave me a pressie for christmas! she gave one to everyone. its a butterfly thingy. i'll put in the pic, its really pretty. then melissa(aide two) gave us all sweets *so sweet of her!* and pastor lee choo gave us teddy bears! i thought that was cute. i'll put in all the pics later lah. hahah gotta wait for my brother to come home from work first.

    oh yes! did i mention how much fun it is giving Kal Ter a hard time? its sooo fun!! mua ha ha ha ha... Kal Ter, if you read this, you'll prolly conveniently forget to invite us to your wedding hahahaha... okay i've gotta go now.. mom wants to take us to hartamas shopping centre or someting like that.. :D so now i have to take a shower.. haha.. *shtinky-poo*

    oh, did i mention that today was the latest ever i slept? i woke up at 11.10am.. well, i only got to sleep around 2.30am last night.. so i got excuse right? haha.. buai..


    marshallowbear said...

    aww that was so sweet !! remember rommie's sword ? the REAL sword !! it was soo cool and how rommie stuck the lyrics for "to God be the glory" to his shield, that was funny =P hehe super funny la... im really gonna miss the whole dbd cast..this was such a great learning experience !! so the next time sibkl does some thing of this nature , we'll be able to do michelle p. proud right? ya babe =D

    katie*lovely* said...

    oh yah oh yah the sword!!! :D remember we were all like laughing like crazy when rommie stuck it behind his shield? supah funny lah.. hahahaha.. rofl.. yeap we'll definitely do her proud.. after all, we're "good crew, just like to talk alot"! :D