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    Monday, December 11, 2006

    christmas time is coming!

    aah.. christmas time.. the time of going from house to house for dinners, the time for giving and receiving, the time for kissing under the mistletoe, the time for celebrating the birth of Christ. i like christmas. kids like christmas for the presents. couples like christmas because they have even more of an excuse to make out. restauranteurs like christmas because they make a whole lot more business then. mothers like christmas because the whole family comes together. fathers like christmas.. well, i don't know if they do. :P maybe its for the presents as well.

    i like christmas. why? maybe its because i get presents! of course, who doesn't love them. haha... or maybe its because i get to kiss someone under mistletoe! except, ya know, that hasn't happened yet, not once in 14 years. i have et for that to happen. maybe its the way everyone in the family gathers to eat, drink and be merry. well. they stay at your house until 1 o clock in the morning and those relatives who have been away for a long time look at you and tell you how tall you are and how pretty you are now and why don't you have a boyfriend yet and why don't you eat somemore.. -.- i hate that part.. otherwise, i don't mind.

    so what is it about christmas that i like? i love the atmosphere, i love the tree, i love the time of the year! i just love it. its so fun. parties, church, people. yeah. i love christmas. :D

    you know, being alone on christmas sucks. but you don't have to be. go and crash everyone's house, grab some friends and crash the mall! guaranteed fun.

    who wants to watch eragon? let's go on christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!

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