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    Friday, December 22, 2006

    this is princess! she's my dog. this pic was taken a while back. i decided to finally reveal her to the world! wakaka.. i sound deranged don't i? oh well.. when we first got her, she could fit through the square grills in the gate. now, only her head fits. @.@ it seems like just yesterday she could fit under my arm. now.. well, if i tried to carry her now, i'd probably fall down and be crushed under her weight.. and then die.. X.X

    anyway.. yeah.. i've got nothing better to do.. here r some pics when my mom's good friend auntie peng came back..

    first, thats when i went out with my grandma to watch happy feet! *sho cute* so anyway. thats me, sara, my grandma and my mom in front of the fountain at the curve.. this is a nice pic..

    thats aunty peng's daughter, amy. she's nice. :D and sara and me.
    gotta go!


    Anonymous said...

    omg. sara looks so grown up! :)

    Philip Tan said...

    my dogs are the same breed ^^

    and sara look so grown up!

    Kateh said...

    @.@ philly, u see sara in church wadd.

    cheers. come back soon!